Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A special treat tonight

Scott (along with hangers-on myself, Stephanie and Derry) gets a nice treat tonight, courtesy of a special guy that just happens to be a hockey player for the Lightning.

We'll be going to the Lightning v. Dallas Stars game tonight and Scott will be deemed one of Richy's Rascals. "Richy" is Brad Richards whom plays for the Lightning. Basically, he purchases one of the luxury suites at the arena for the sole purpose of inviting children (and their hangers on) that have been stricken with cancer. Allowing them to attend a game in a controlled environment.

Here's an old article about why Richards does what he does.

The nice lady that coordinates his program is excited to have a child that is actually a true hockey fan coming. She asked Stephanie who was Scott's favorite player (which happens to not be Richards), and he may get an additional surprise visit. We'll see.

Stephanie was hesitant, so she contacted the hospital. They simply told her "absolutely he should go!".

I just don't know what else to say about such a person.


christine said...

wonderful - have the best of times and really let yourselves go for a little while - it will be a night to remember for you all. how good to have people like him in the world.

Sandie said...

Nothing like a good hockey game to lift the spirits. Have a wonderful time!

And remember, the box is sanitized you can just relax and enjoy the moment. :)

Grandmama said...

You all have a wonderfull time.
Yes there is still some wonderful people in this world. Scott eat lots of Pizza . And Derry eat lots of Hot Dogs.Just enjoy.
Love to You all
Grandmama & Papa

Carolyn said...

DSDS - I hope yall have a GREAT time! I don't know too much about hockey but this guy Richards sounds really special -- thank goodness there are those in the world who share their success!

Love all of you!