Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Scott stuck at clinic most of day

Scott and Stephanie are still at the clinic at this time (1:45 here, 6:45 London time). His blood test this morning showed he needed both a unit of blood (for his red cell and hemoglobin counts) as well as platelets. His platelet count had dropped from 59 to 10. His white blood cell count is down to 900, which results in his ANC number being 522 today.

All of this is expected, and not out of the ordinary. He just has to be careful (as always) about infections.

I left the hospital just after lunch time and came back to work, he will be done in the clinic about 3:00 today and headed home.

He's doing some knowledge testing with the Psych group at the hospital. This is part of a study group the conduct, which takes children right at the beginning of chemo treatment. They will give the tests at different times throughout the course of his treatment. All in an effort to determine how the whole process may or may not effect kids knowledge retainment.

Scott was a bit bummed that he didn't get to just go in for a blood test, wait for the result, then come home. But he does understand exactly why they need to test his blood so frequently, and add what is needed.

And to clarify - he is just in the outpatient clinic of the hospital, he is NOT admitted to the hospital. We'll post again later if anything else is of a concern today. Regardless, he will be back at the clinic Thursday morning for a lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration and his next dose of chemo drugs.

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Sandie said...

Please let Scott know that we think he is terribly brave and will all be thinking of him tomorrow - and of Stephanie, Derry and you, of course.

Lots of love