Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, February 16, 2007


Dr. Tebbi "officially" informed us Scott is considered in "remission" today. He said "he's in a good remission". That is very positive being only 3 weeks into chemo.

Scott is has a massive 3 litre bag of Methotrexate hooked to his port. This will take roughly 24 hours to be pumped into him, and it was started about 3:00 a.m. this morning. Shortly after it is done, a antidote to the Methotrexate will be given to him. He will then be flushed with normal IV fluids until the level of Methotrexate is at 0.1 on the scale they use in the bloodwork. At that point, he'll be allowed back home. Dr. Tebbi expects that to take about 24 hours of flushing.

He is off Prednisolone for now. However he starts a pill-form chemo drug called 6MP today, which he will take for 14 consecutive days.

So it appears he should be release sometime during the day Sunday, as always it depends on bloodwork results and Scott having no fever.

He got a package yesterday from a wonderful place called HeavenlyHats.Com Click on the link and read about this charity, which is run by a kid in Green Bay, Wisconsin who is now only 16 or so. It is really amazing. Stephanie filled out the form on the site a bit earlier this week. A package showed up at home yesterday, with 4 hats, a bandana and a small teddy bear from the Build-A-Bear folks. Some of you will find it sort of funny that 2 of the hats were Florida Gator hats (UGG!!). He's sort of grown fond of a Penn State hat that was in the box.

More later, but all is going well.


christine said...

how brilliant is that - and so soon. well done Scotty- and well done and thanks to all the staff who are looking after him. hope you get home sunday.
lots of love and hugs

lornaeve said...

finally i managed to get this thing to work...
well done Scotty - we love ya!!

thanks David for all this information. Any way we could see a picture of Scott?

lots of love

tannie lorna x

Sandie said...

Well done Scott! Really fantastic news. We think about you all every day.

Lots of love