Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another great round of bloodwork

A number of good things this morning. Dr. Wynn told Scott he wasn't doing a bone marrow aspiration today, due to last week's being negative. He is comfortable holding off on that procedure until next week. Scott has still been taken down to be put to sleep for his spinal tap and intrathecal chemo.

Bloodwork this morning is a great surprise. Again Scott needs no blood or platelets. His platelets count jumped to 362. His ANC number has went all the way up to 747. So his body is making platelets and "good" white blood cells (neutrophils). The doc is very please with this. Obviously that number will drop over the weekend due to the heavy doses of chemo he'll start today.

But very positive news all way round.

He's currently waiting on his procedure in the Day Hospital (Outpatient Procedures), after waking he'll move up to a room in the Pediatric Oncology Center (where he spent the first week), and he'll be back to being spoiled by the nurses again. We'll post the room number as soon as we know which one he'll be in for the weekend.

He's grumpy and mad right now because he's starving, but Scott is proving to be one tough, strong, amazing little guy.

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