Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, February 26, 2007

Out of gas

Had a quiet weekend. Mostly due to Scott being very, very short on energy. His appetite has disappeared, which the docs have said is normal after stopping the steroids, coupled with his treatment last week. The poor guy just has virtually no energy to do much of anything.

He is also getting very beyond "bored". It is very tough having him kept inside most of the day, and just going for a couple of quick walks around the block is exhausting for him. That's is very hard to see, as Scott has always been a bundle of energy. Chemotherapy is rough stuff. Really rough. He's in his first solid week with no clinic or hospital visits so far. Stephanie is contacting the doctor today to make sure he thinks it is still okay to wait for his scheduled bloodwork on Thursday.

Other than that, she's trying to keep him occupied during the days, and trying to get him as much rest and sleep as possible.


christine said...

yes - it must be difficult just to keep occupied - tell scott that eric said to keep practicing 'snap' for when we come to visit - although we're still 'fresh out of coconuts'!!Grandnana send lots of love and is always thinking of you and praying for you all. -as are we all.

Grandmama said...

Hang in there Scott. I know this has got to be the hardest thing you all have been through. I sure do wise you all were closer to us .We could at least maybe help with Derry and trips to the doctor.
I check the blog two or three times aday.I would love to at least be there to wolk him around the block
We love you all

Grandmama & Papa