Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's bloodwork looked very good (huge sigh of relief!). Scott's anc was 1990 and platelets 273. Biliruben high again but not at the scary levels of past weeks.

I have been so worried about him in the last few days. He has been feeling sicker than normal and he's also been very irritable and restless. Its hard I suppose for a non-cancer mum to understand, but when you are going through this you find yourself constantly looking for warning signs, to the point where every single little bruise must be accounted for, or complete terror sets in. This applies to siblings also. Poor Derry gets it as well! I guess paranoia and hypochondria-by-proxy (??) are just par for the course.

Scott also had the honour of being followed around by a camera man today. It is for something Pat Padraja is doing (damn when does Pat ever slow down!) to raise awareness (I think) and seeing as Pat was hanging out with Scott, then Scott got the paparazzi treatment also.

Well thats it, I'll leave you with a photo of Scott at the park last night. We've started heading over there after tea (dinner) for a bit and loitering with the 'suspicious' people. Yeah baby, thats right, we so wild and crazy! Living life in the fast lane .. thats us!


Dawn said...

Good to know Scott's counts are all OK. When he gets his 15 mins of fame with Pat on TV can you put a link up so we can all get to view it?!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the time with your Mum. We got to see her and Eric last weekend. We went to stay with Nana for a couple of nights and all went over on the Friday for dinner. She's very lucky - Eric is a great cook. What I would give for Stephen to be able to cook like that for 6 people just once in a while. Anyway, if you read this Eric, thank you - it was lovely!

Steph, I love this photo of Scott at the park. He's looking really well and happy. Perhaps a good one for the top of the blog?! (Just a suggestion!).

Take care of each other.

Grandmama said...

So glad Scott had a good day at clinic. I know you worry from one week to another . He looked as if he was feeling pretty good at the park.
Love to all of you
Grandmama & Papa [Mom & Dad

Lorna said...

hey steph - i agree with Dawn - a really nice pic of Scott. Finally! am back in email contact....heading to SA in a day or two. true civilisation!! hope to talk then. xx

Sandie said...

"Yeah baby, thats right, we so wild and crazy! Living life in the fast lane .. thats us!"

This made me fall over with laughter. Fellow Hoodlums, the lot of you.

I'm happy to see Scott looking so well despite it all.

Lots of love to you all

Laura said...

What an awesome picture of Scott at the park! It's Glory's favorite. Just checking in on you guys and sending lots of smiles your way. Hope the weekend has been nice. Angel Laura