Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It’s been a good weekend. I hesitated writing those words, I guess I’m just a weirdo, but whenever I write, or even think, things are going well, I feel like I am jinxing us. Strange huh? We walk such a precarious path but this weekend our path was lined with beautiful flowers and butterflies (I know ... how gay), but it’s worrying, will the path hear me and decide to throw down a rockslide just for the sheer hell of it? Am I losing my mind? LOL.

So yeah, as I was saying (quietly so the path doesn’t hear), good weekend.

Yesterday we had a day out!!!!! A normal, family day out. David had to work for a while in the morning, but that was good, gave me a chance to clean the house. Boy do I HATE coming home to an untidy house! So the house was clean and tidy, as were we (all of us at the same time) and off we went to Busch Gardens.

I was very concerned, and quite sure that, we would get there, Scott would have a meltdown, and we’d be on our way home again, scolding ourselves for being so silly as to even consider the idea of a ‘day out’. But nope, all went . Scott didn’t get sick; he didn’t even get grumpy or freaked out by the crowds. Derry didn’t moan about needing to get home to World of Warcraft. David was in rollercoaster heaven and only moaned once when I tried to steer everyone into a shop. I rode my very first water ride (I hate rides) because, as everyone kept telling me, if Scott can go through all this shit, I can damn sure ride a scary ride. So I did. And it was okay. In fact it was kind of fun in a cold and dampish kind of way.

So anyway we did Busch Gardens. David and Scott rode heaps of rollercoaster’s and Scott didn’t even feel in the least bit sick which is bloody amazing if you ask me! Derry is like me and hates rollercoaster’s. We just don’t understand it. I think we both would rather walk across hot coals than go through the hell of risking life and limb on a pile of rusty scaffolding. We looked at the animals and ate lots of junk; we basked in the sunshine and had a great day. We did see something very cool too. Whilst watching the tigers in the new section of the park – Jungala – we saw, twice, a juvenile Bengal charge the glass and aim to attack, and presumably kill, a couple of very young toddlers. It was awesome, even the babies seemed to think so. The parents thought it hilarious too. This tiger wasn’t playing around. First it stared at the baby, never taking its eyes off for a second, its tail was waving around, hackles up doing that one-sided lip snarl thing that they do, then it pounced at the glass, it wanted to eat a baby! There was a huge crowd and everyone was like “wow, very cool". I posted a photo, not one of the best, but I didnt want to put the babies faces on the internet. I have to say though, for some reason, be it the glass or perspective, that tiger doesnt look nearly as big in the photo as it did in real life.

Today we had another good day. Most Sundays we end up mad at ourselves for sitting around doing nothing but today we did heaps of gardening (yard work), inspired by, and continuing on from the work my Mum started whilst she was here. Thankfully we didnt come across any snakes - Scott and I saw a dead Copperhead the other day - David said they can be very nasty indeed. Derry and Scott played NICELY, I got a palm needle embedded in my foot which David surgically removed with toe nail clippers and Derry completed his school project – one day ahead of time!!! Incredible.

His project was to write fifteen poems, not something he is very passionate about it has to be said. However once I told him that there are no rules in literature and he could write about whatever he liked he loosened up a bit and now has a stack of poems and pictures to hand in, on computers and gaming! Oh yes, we have poems on World of Warcraft (ofcourse), Portal and the death of the Companion Cube, the beauty which is the Xbox controller, the anguish of the server being down, Gears of War and other such delights.

Well I getting tired so I think I’ll hit ‘post’ and get to bed. Hope you like the ‘demise of the Companion Cube’; just a taste of what it’s like living with 3 geeks. G’night.


christine said...

So good to have a GOOD blog to read first thing Monday morning - good to see the boys enjoying normal outings and getting wet (in that I include the adult 'boy' David)and the lovely tigers. Busch Gardens looks good so next time I'm there??
And I would really enjoy one of Derry's poems if he'll allow it to be published? But the you tube extract was so, so, so sad!!! What a way to have to exterminate your companion cube.

lots of love to all

Sandie said...

I agree with your mum. This was the best start to a week I can think of. I especially liked the thought of you on a pile of rusty scaffolding, hair blowing wildly behind you as you screamed for your life. I got a good chuckle out of that - not nearly as good as David in a wet t-shirt, but good none the less.

What a wonderful thing for Scott to have such a great time and have everyone around him doing the same. Great for the soul.

And though you've become a bit more gay than you were, you are not losing your mind. I worry about the path's hearing. We all do. Only a very few of us are brave enough to say it aloud.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend. It was great to read.

Lots of love to you all

Sharon said...

Even though the rain's been pouring here all day, the sun is now shining in my heart (except when envy crept in for a flash - all over a child finishing a homework project an entire day before it was needed)!

I think there are quite a few of us who are suspicious of the path's hearing abilities. One of my favorite sayings about this comes from an old guy with whom I used to work: "tall in the saddle, until the blister broke."

Maybe good news can hereafter be published in pig latin. I've never seen the path successfully decipher ig-pay atin-lay. Crap, I hope the path can't read!

Cheering on the good karma,

nina said...

it is lovely to hear of a great outing. no one sick, getting sick, or recovering from sick. and for what it's worth, i hate coasters too! david...wet t-shirt...that visual i could have done without!LOL

be well and have a wonderful week.