Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Clinic Day

Today obviously was clinic day. Scott's counts were good and he got methotrexate through his port. It was a very busy, chaotic, noisy day in the clinic. Scott was chirpy and upbeat this morning, but was fed up and silent by the end of treatment. Part of the reason was Doc Rossbach wouldn't write another script for Tylenol/Codeine just yet. Scott has went through the last batch quickly with all the Vincristine pain. We're going to try a couple of other "lighter" things. But needless to say, Scott was not happy about the prospect of his bottle of magic elixir running dry.

I hope he cheers up this afternoon, as he was in a great mood and mindset this morning. Just seems each time he starts a good day, something comes along and smashes it.

He is progressing in his "virtual school" classes. The math class just got started this past week, so now I'm involved (as Stephanie just does not like "numbers"). We've been rather well pleased with the program, and Scott has taken to it with a positive outlook overall. That's good, as we have to get his brain churning on a regular basis.

Christine (Stephanie's mum) made it back to the Isle of Wight all in one piece. However, she's do for a bit of a knee operation on Monday, so we hope that all goes well. Eric (Christine's husband, Stephanie's stepdad) is just a couple months past having a hip replacement operation and is progressing well. We owe both of them a huge THANK YOU for their generosity. Eric lost his first wife to cancer, and knows very well the type of things we face through this ordeal. Again, family does something amazing.


Grandmama said...

Glad Scott had a good morning.
What happen to your blog about the walk? I went back in to give a little something and the blog was gone.

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