Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, April 21, 2008

Okay, time for a bit on a Scotty update. It’s been a while.

Well he finally got over last weeks pain and fed-up-ness. What a week. It seems like each new dose of vincristine gets harder and harder on him. The doc did say that this happens with some children while for others it gets easier. Trust us to pick the tough route. Thankfully we didn’t get a call about his spinal fluid, which I would guess by now means there was nothing funky found. Dr O. said it looked clean when it was removed, often if leukemia is present the spinal fluid looks cloudy or yellow. When he has a spinal not only do they remove fluid they also inject 2 different chemo drugs. This led to him being very sore for about a week after.

Remember, at diagnosis his spine was clear of leukemia. For most children it is, but that doesn’t mean it cant relapse in that area – or the marrow – or his little boy bits!

Anyhow, back to now.

Yesterday he was looking really good. It was wonderful to see him smiling and with a little of the old Scott peeking through. Sadly it didn’t last long and this morning he woke up feeing horrible. He has had tummy ache and head ache all day and nothing is shifting it. Obviously that has me worried about what is going on. His blood work last week looked okay but with this damn disease things can change very quickly.

We did manage to get a fair bit of school work done though. It kind of took his mind off all his aches and pains. David is doing Maths with him as it’s just not my cup of tea at all. I can add up and take away and at no point in my life have ever needed to calculate what ‘x’ is. Completely overrated school subject in my opinion. And damn, I tell you, American schools just seem to drill it above all else. When I was at Aboyne Acadamy we did about 4 hours of Maths a week and so had time left over for an abundance of more interesting work. Stuff like metal work, swimming, SE (sex and drugs education), RE (religious education), French and drama. Och well, I’d best get off my soap box.

However, Scott is doing great in all his subjects. He is currently studying Mesopotamia and King Hammurabi – fascinating! In Language Arts we are doing Greek and modern day heroes and the study of the monomyth – right up my street – LOL. Hopefully science will come on line any day now and once he is handling all 4 subjects we will try and add something else. I am so impressed with Florida Virtual School, sounds like a cliché, but it does seem to making learning ‘fun’.

I know I haven’t said anything yet about my Mums visit. Whilst she was here Scott wasn’t up to much at all. We did manage to see a movie, go putting a few times and eat lots of icecream and pizza but for the most part we just hung out here and tried to keep Scott comfortable and amused. She planted some beautiful new flowers in the garden and did all my ironing so that was nice. :) Hopefully the next time she visits Scott will be feeling a little happier.

Well must go now, my fingers hurt. I’ll leave you with a few random photos ..

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