Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday night ...
Thunder and lightning is raging outside, it sounds like the Battle of the Somme with added fireworks. Poor Springsteen must have been under a chair in the garden when it started and was too scared to make a dash for it and chance getting stuck in the cat flap. When I opened the door he bolted in, all big eyed and soggy, jumped on the table and flopped himself down on Scotts latest work of glitter art. Scott is gonna be so not chuffed in the morning.

Mind you, there'll be no more pansying about with glitter from now on. I got word today that he can start one of his on-line classes tomorrow. Something else for him to be miserable about. I cant remember if I wrote previously about his school situation but to sum up his homebound teacher has been withdrawn and the doctors want him back at school. Ahahahahahah. I dont think so! Hell would have to freeze over before I would even consider putting him in our local criminal training facility/drug dealer 101/how to be a wigger (my apologies if that is offensive to anyone, it is just the way it is and no-one has yet invented another word that would suffice) otherwise known as Middle School. Apart from the obvious problems such as the very long day (Derry leaves at 7am and doesnt get home until 4.30pm) and the germs there is also the added problem of certain children of that age and their wickedness. Even Derry has come across problems, apparently, according to some children, cancer is highly contagious therefore Derry is a nasty little plague carrier!! Yup, fascinating, you learn something new every day huh! So NO, I will not be subjecting Scott to such things. Derry handles it fine, he is almost 6ft tall with a look that could turn milk sour - I am so jealous! Yes I could send Scotty to school and could stand up to any trouble but I dont have the energy right now to be dragging little thugs off the bus every other day and taking them round the back for a "quiet word".

I bitched and moaned to the doctors but I was fighting a losing battle, so after sulking for a bit, then realising I am in no way capable of being a teacher, nurse and mother, I have enrolled him in Florida Virtual School. He will be studying language arts, maths, science and Spanish. These 4 subjects should requre between 20-22 hours per week of work. It wont be easy due to Scott not being well enough for one week out of every three, but we'll manage just fine.

I have just had Scott's new Language Arts teacher on the phone and she sounds like a dream come true. She talked to Scott too and Scott was like "wow, I was expecting an ogre", I have no idea why he thought that but he is now happy and content with his kind and cool sounding teacher. She will activate his class and he will be able to start later on today.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Yes, try as I might to alter the natual weekly rhythm, Thursday still keeps coming around on time. If his anc is over 750 and platelets over 75 then Scott will get his vincristine and methotrexate and start again on the lovely steroids and 6mp. So hoping for good counts yet boo-ing and hissing at the thought of a sad and sickly little boy for the next 7 days.

Before I go, thank you so much to our chemo angels, Laura and David, and all the love they keep sending to Scott. Your letters, cards and gifts make a huge difference and truly brighten up his day. I know that I am worse than dreadful at staying in touch with you, but just know that we all appreciate you very, very much.

Over and Out.


Lorna said...

hey steph - interesting post. thanks. hope all ok at clinic tomorrow. i think you're doing the right thing - studying at home for a while won't do scott any harm - school sounds like hell. love to all. x

Carolyn said...

Online school sounds very interesting - and glad there is someone to talk to as well -- more importantly that Scott really likes her! The wonders of the internet!

Scott, hang in there sweetie... school, no matter how you get it, is one of those things that pays off big in the long run. Sometimes it is just hard to understand why we have to do it "right now".

Hope all is okay at clinic tomorrow!


Sandie said...

Virtual school sounds wonderful. I do think you made the right choice on all fronts. Scott needs some peace and even a superwoman can't do everything. It's great to know that Scott has taken to the teacher. That makes learning all the more fun.

Lots of love to you all

Staci said...

We are a little behind in the messages and just catching up. Glad to hear that Scott's new teacher isn't an "ogre" :0) That's an important thing to know about a teacher. ;0) Tell Scott we said hello! Sending hugs from Maine.