Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Thursday, another Happy Chemo Day!
All fine and dandy in the blood department this week. Scott had a whopping anc of 3384, a pretty incredible result just a few days past nadir. All other major counts (wbc, plt and hgb), were also good and were in the low end of normal range. I think this is the first time this has happened at this stage in his cycle since he was diagnosed.
But you know me, manic depressive to the end, I had to ask, “What’s wrong, why are his counts so normal”, Vicki just smiled and told me she loved me even if I was impossible.
So we now have a week with NO pills and a happy, content and healthy Scott (well apart from having cancer anyway!!). Usually the times he is feeling good are the times he has no immunity and has to stay in his bubble.
So I mentioned to Scott that perhaps we should venture outside this weekend, face this germ infested world of ours and have a little fun.
But we’ll see.
Maybe we should just stay home, put our feet up, have a nice cup of tea, and listen to Morrissey instead.
Oh and one more thing, I almost forgot Derry’s good (LOL) news. He had try-outs for spring rec league about 10 days ago and HE GOT PICKED!!!! And not for the Peewees this time, oh no, this is the big time, pant wettingly scary, don’t screw up little newbie, big boy hockey!!
Poor Derry. This is going to be brutal.


nina said...

Wonderful news about Scott's counts and treatment this week!! Go and have some fun this weekend...for all the rest of us stuck indoors in the cold northern u.s.


christine said...

What a positive blog - good for both the boys. Yes, Derry will get hammered I'm sure but how well he's done just to get picked - and I'm sure he'll really enjoy the fact that it will be 'brutal'.

And yes go out and get some sun on your backs and have a fun weekend.
Lots of love to you all