Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scott did okay at clinic this morning. His anc was over 7000, probably higher than it has been since diagnosis. However the platelets took a dive (which makes me very nervous) but our lovely nurse Vikki made me look into her eyes whilst she lectured me on how good everything looked.
Scott still feels horrible but the pain is starting to ease now so hopefully he's over the worst. Until next time at least!!
He is still very hungry and presently fluttering his freakishly long eye lashes at me, pining for pizza. Thank goodness Pizza Hut take credit cards so we dont have to spend real money!

Well life continues to crap on us and good old Homeland Security/Immigration have managed to screw up YET AGAIN something which should be incredibly simple. Well I guess it keeps those amongst us with limited brain capacity in a job. Poor David is having a meltdown and stealing my pills. Derry thinks its all very funny and has started speaking with a Hispanic brogue. Scott is looking forward to real chips and chocolate and sleeping on his Nana's floor again and as for me, hell, my baby has cancer; the dude with the deportation stamp wont be winning my Halloween fancy dress competition anymore.

Besides which, we've jumped over them already, just to get to the fight!

Happy Hallmark Day to you all.


christine said...

So glad things okay at the clinic and if the nurse says not to worry then try to follow her advice! And why might you be sleeping on my floor again - I have beds enough for all of you. But much as I'd love to see you I really do not want that to happen again and I'm sure between you it will all get sorted out. What have they done(or not done) this time?
Love to all

Lorna said...

hey - i thought i was the one with visa/immigration/deportation issues these days and you were all sorted now..?? so whats going on? glad today was ok/better for scott. id love to hear derry do a hispanic brogue...xx

Dawn said...

Yeah Happy Valentines / Hallmark(!) Day. Thought I'd quickly check in to see how your clinic day went. Glad Scott is not feeling quite so bad today. If he's still feeling hungry I'll send him over a doggy bag from our Chinese meal tonight! (Makes a change from pizza but I can see him cringing even at this distance!) Why do they always serve up so much food in Chinese restaurants? Enough to feed the 5,000 not just 2!
Anyway I hope you have a much better week this week. And I hope we don't see you this side of the Atlantic again too soon. What HAVE immigration done now?
Love to you all,

Laura said...

Hi Skittles,
Happy Valentine's Day. I'm glad your clinic day is over and that it went okay. I was thinking about you and hoping for some more good news from you guys. :) I went to Glory's school today to help out in her class for the Valentine Party. It was there that I realized that Valentine's Day is kind of hard on boys. Everything is all red and pink and a bit girlie and mushy and you get a bunch of stuff in hearts that say cutsie things. I think we need some cool spiderman Valentine stuff or maybe some sports stuff for this day, what do you think? Hope things are going good this evening. (I hope Immigration stuff gets worked out too - I can't imagine what a headache that must be, we had some "fun" with them when we brought Carlos home from Guatemala and I remember vividly.) Thinking of you all!!! Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Grandmama said...

David & Stephanie
Please let us know what is going on with immigration this time ?
So glad things went well at clinic . You all deserve a good week.
Love To All Grandmama & Papa
[Mom & Dad