Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sunshine State

Our brave escape and great day out didnt go quite according to plan. LOL!


Grandmama said...

Weare not the Sunshine State. But we had the same kind of weather.
So did Kristy & Bo. Guess it was raining every were.
Glad you all got out anyway . Scott looks like he was having fun.
Maybe you can try again next weekend.
Love To All
Grandmama & Papa [Mom & Pop

christine said...

And here it is winter in the UK and what do we have - wall to wall sunshine!!! Although admitedly there was a heavy frost this morning - but now the sun is out and the birds are singing.
Glad to see Davids sense of humour - ha!! But best of all to see Scott in the water - but where was Derry?
Hope Scott remains feeling ok for a while.
lots of love

Kristy said...

It's so great to see Scott out playing in the ocean, even if the weather was crappy.

Anissa Mayhew said...

Is that David Hasselhoff standing there in the sand and surf??? NO!!!???

All you need now is slo-mo footage of him running through the water.

Love that expression on David's face, that's classic.


Lorna said...

hey sis - eish!! - i'll definately be waiting for summer before i visit there - looks cold!! just back from zanzibar - was stunning.... i think the boys may have melted tho - and as for you..... yeah, good to see scott in the sea... xx