Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, February 29, 2008


I think I did post this a while back but after reading Angel Laura's comment thought it high time to post it again..we love this song too and I remember us singing it with great gusto during an inmate stay for methotrexate ..Tubthumping..

And Sandie.. 'Cooking Mama'???!!!
LOL. You spaz!


Sandie said...

Laugh if you want to, but I'll challenge Scott or Derry any day to a sushi roll off. I'm unbeatable.

"Better than Mama"


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie,
Have a great day. Hope you have a better weekend than last. Certainly hope David's face isn't like a smacked backside any more like in the photo!!! LOL.

Just had a look at your 'musical interlud' of Robbie at Knebworth singing Angels. Sends shivers. Have a look at him doing Come Undone, same concert - dark haired girl in the audience. What would you give?!!