Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, February 18, 2008

Em - UH - Gray - Shun

Stephanie mentioned another snafu with the lovely folks at USCIS -other wise known as Immigration.

Entering as a fiance, as she did - along with the boys having status with her as minors, which they do - required a lot of work to get the visas and green cards.

They all got green cards (legal "residency") on the exact same day, as the boys HAD to be on her paperwork since they were minors.

The whole process gave them "conditional" residency for the 1st two years after receiving green cards (which was actually 16 months after their arrival due to processing times. So that runs out on 2/24 this year.

No problem, as we filed the papers about mid-January. A simple 2-page form to remove conditions. Sent with all the documentation and copies of their green cards. Then we get a notice which said:

"Scott and Derry (it has their full names) can't be on the same petition, as they did not gain residence on the same day or within 90 days of Stephanie" (that isn't verbatim, but it is rather that simple.

I went "huh?"

Their green cards came on the exact same day. Have the exact same "resident since" date. And copies were included, which were also sent back with the original envelope.

Amazing huh?

I long phone call, which ended in me getting disconnect "after hours" with no progress (causing a mental breakdown on my part), and another by Stephanie the next morning didn't solve anything.

So tomorrow morning we have an appointment at the local Tampa office to, hopefully, get a person that can tell the dates on all 3 cards are in fact the same. Otherwise they say we must file three seperate petitions at $545 each.

I'd laugh if it all wasn't so sad.

But of course they're part of Homeland Security, and are protecting us diligently against the bad guys.

We'll update after our visit, if we don't get put in the clink.


Dawn said...

Deep breath before you go in!
Really hoping you can get it all sorted on one application. You'll have to make sure Stephanie doesn't do anything outrageous to make them think she's one of the bad guys. You know what she's like - restrain her somehow!!
Good luck.

Carolyn said...

Oh dear Lord. Surely someone will have a brain there and can sort it out.

Please stay calm - I think the rest of us are angry enough for everyone concerned.

Love Carolyn

christine said...

You really can't believe that people can be so stupid can you? As Dawn said - deep breath first. By this time I guess you'll already be there but I do hope and pray it all went/goes well and that you don't have any more fights on your hands - it sometimes seems that events conspire against you doesn't it. As I said before - we do have beds here and you wouldn't be sleeping on the floor - but surely sense will prevail.

Love you lots

Grandmama said...

Surely hope every thing went well today . It seems if it is not one thing it is another.
Love To All
Grandmama & Papa [ Mom & Pop]