Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, November 19, 2007

Well, Hell hasn't quite frozen over but its getting there. Derry's team, the Ghost Riders, DIDN'T LOSE on Saturday!!!! They didnt win either, but a draw is mighty darn good.

Scott has been feeling great all weekend (touch wood), but this is probably due to the ... GRRR ... half dose. We have been puppy sitting these last few days which has thrilled him no end and he is so excited as his Grandad is flying in today from Ireland. Also, we have Smackdown tickets for Tuesday!! I hope my dad isn't going to be TOO shocked at the mindless violence!
Well, cant blether no more, got to go and clean, clean, clean, I may even make a cake. Got to create the "good little housewife" illusion. :)


Dawn said...

Doesn't matter what first impression you make - he'll have you sussed by the end of the fortnight!!!!! Just relax and enjoy seeing your Dad again. I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing all of you - especially the boys. Say hello to him from me. I'm trying to work out the last time we saw him. We did stay with them in Ireland when Helena and Jack were about 4 and 2 - Harry wasn't even born then. He's 12 now, so quite some time ago!

Anyway, have a good couple of weeks and hope your back doesn't play up too much. That sounds really painful but don't keep taking the tablets - not magic blue ones anyway!!

Take care,
Love, Dawn.

christine said...

It's not an illusion steph - you ARE a good housewife - just relax and enjoy Dads company without getting to worried about what the house looks like. Be who you are! We all love you and are proud of who you are.

Lots of love Mum/nana

Sandie said...

Enjoy every moment with you Dad and your boys - and for love of pete put DOWN the bleach bottle.

And as your Mum said, you are very loved and you should be proud of who you are - as we all are.

Lots of love to you