Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Full Friday

Lots of things to talka about, but I'll give some brief updates. Scott's clinic visit went pretty well yesterday. He had a spinal and intrathecal chemo, so his back is sore. His bilirubin levels were still elevated, so the dose of vincristine was halfed. We're not sure what to think of that, but the docs says getting things balanced on the maintenance schedule takes some time. We'll see.
The voting seems to be going good for Scott's pal Pat. Just keep it up everyone.

Today was a good day, which found us across the bay at the Vinoy resort in St. Pete for the Steve Yarrid Fishing Derby. This is done for the kids and is part of a weekend-long set of events laid out to raise money for pediatric cancer research. I'll post more details tomorrow - especially about the companies and folks involved, but wanted to toss up a few pictures from the day. Lots of kids at the event, and some really amazing folks volunteering and helping out. Everyone involved was exceptionally helpful and made sure every single person knew the day was about the kids, for the kids and owned by the kids. They taught them how to tie knots, how to cast and how to properly hold fish. Then everyone would yell and get cameras around each time a kid hooked a fish. The energy from everyone was wonderful. A great day.

Scott with a Big 'un

Scott with a couple of Ice Girls

I'm the fat grey-headed one. Wade Boggs is the other guy.


Benji2006 said...

Hi guys: Do you have tickets for the lightning game next Friday which is sponsored by Steve Yerrid. If not, I think I can get them for you.

Let us know, Cary, Jill, and Benji

Benji2006 said...

You can reach us at

Cary, Jill and Benji

christine said...

Did Scott actually catch one - or was there a 'big one that got away'.?
I'll keep voting for Pat - when is the result.
Lots of love

David said...

Christine, Both Scott and Derry caught several fish. I think the biggest was a catfish Derry caught.