Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, November 2, 2007


Sorry I didnt update yesterday with the usual Thursday morning clinic update but I couldnt be bothered. Anyway, all was well (kind-of), his anc was 1355 so we were able to proceed with his weekly methotrexate. Wbc - 2.2, hgb - 11 and platelets 201. His biliruben was high again though and if it stays high next week then Scott will once again only get a half dose of Vincristine. Not good! We need the full monty, got to keep pounding those damn leukemia cells. Well not much I can do but worry about it till then, so worry I shall!
Here is Scott and his friend, Neffy, playing on the N64 at clinic. Neffy has been through all this once already but sadly relapsed a few months ago.

As you can see Scott's hair is coming back in again now. This is quite usual in children with leukemia, whilst he is still being given chemotherapy on an almost daily basis, the very high doses are now behind him and for most kids the hair will start to come back. However, at any time during his 15/16 months of treatment still ahead it could all just drop out again. Whilst it is wonderful to see hair again and a little pinkness in his cheeks I am more than a little sad that the new growth is dark and not the mousy blonde he used to be (but fear not, I am a dab-hand with a bottle of hydrogen-peroxide!). A change in colour is normal and as it grows we may even see curls!!!!Ug.

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christine said...

I guess hair is hair - colour is not that important -and what a wonderful shot with Scott and Springsteen - for those that don't know Springsteen is the cat - wonder who he was named after!!

Hang on in there.
Love and hugs

nina said...

he is such a beautiful boy!!with or without hair. nice picture..although springsteen doesn't look too happy...LOL

Anissa Mayhew said...

The first two times Peyton's hair came in, it was BLOND! Ok, my kid blond, are you picturing it right now?? Yeah, like a bad Britney Spears hair dye job. Blond! And it was all sticking straight up and thin and wispy...I was afraid that this was her permanent hair.

But now it's back to being it's normal dark color and it looks like hair instead of dandelion fluff, and I'm much relieved. So, don't panic, his hair may come in and out several times and when he hits maintenance, it'll be good no matter what color it is.

It was fantastic to see Dave and the boys on Friday. I missed you, Stephanie, but I hope to see you soon.

Good luck convincing "Dave" she isn't one of yours, looks pretty homey to me!

Lots of love,