Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Click me!!

Scott has been feeling dreadful, if its not pain its sickness, if its not sickness its the doldrums. Not a happy boy these last few days.
Thats all for now, we are all worn out and a bit down. I'll update tomorrow after clinic.
Please keep voting for our friend and hero, Pat Pedraja. I am so thrilled he won the Young Wonder's category, he is now up against the adults in the finals. Thanks for all your votes, keep them coming.


christine said...

Sorry Scott and therefore the rest of you are feeling so low today. I guess there will be days like this - as the song says.

Will be thinking about you at the clinic tomorrow and hope all goes well.
Lots of love and hugs

Laura said...

Sorry today was one of those yucky days. I sure do help clinic goes well tomorrow and you can all be back home resting and doing something you enjoy. Thinking of you all and sending Skittles BIG hugs and smiles! Angel Laura :)

Trey & Chris said...

Dear Scott, Stephanie and David...

Stephanie, you recently left a comment in my post about the thousand paper cranes in my daughter's leukemia blog. I've just finally had time to read almost all of this terrific site and I'm inspired by Scott's courage and your wonderful bond as a family. All of your posts convey great love and dedication... not to mention a wry humor that I think is so important. British humor (humour?) is especially wonderful... just yesterday Mady got a visit from three great college friends of mine from across the pond, and she laughed more than I've heard in a long time.

Chemo-wise, you are several months ahead of us, and it is helpful to be able to "read ahead" about situations we may face. Thank you.

I hope that Scott can get his thousand paper cranes. I just tried to fold one, and it took about an hour... I'll bet the 1000th one would go pretty fast though!

Thanks for making contact, and I hope that Scott's remaining treatment goes smoothly. I plan to keep reading about it!

Take care,


Dawn said...

So sorry Scott is feeling horrible at the moment. Hope todays goes well at the clinic which will be a boost for you all.

Wishing him a pain free/sick free weekend and that he can hang out with some friends and enjoy himself. I know you're wishing for that too.

With love,