Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"I want a comfy bed"

That's was a request from Scott some weeks back. It was during a round of joint pain caused by chemo coupled with restlessness caused by steroids. We didn't "overthink" the situation, as it seemed temporary during certain phases. I guess it is fair to say it wasn't climbing up the priority list very fast for one reason or another.

Then a couple weeks back, two women showed up from the Brandon Foundation. They were steered our way by Anissa, who is the mother of a little girl named Peyton who is being tretaed for leukemia as well. This is a group that just helps folks with different things. I can't think of a more concise way to explain what they do (and I'll dig out their website later today). The ladies that stopped by just explained the types services they could provide - all donated by local companies or individuals. They had a whole list and told us just to drop them an email after we'd thought about how they may be able to help us.

We thought about things on the list and came up with two things - some help with painting on the house and a "comfy bed" for Scott. So Stephanie sent an email out sometime Monday. Around about dinner time she had a reply explaining what to do about the bed issue. Someone (still not sure who) at Famous Tate had instructed them to have us come in and they'd donate a new mattress of a certain value to Scott. So off we went last night to the Brandon Famous Tate. The whole process was simple with the help of Jack Ryan at the store. He looked at the paperwork left at the store concerning Scott and basically showed Scott which ones he could have and to test them out, then tell him which one he wanted. Scott picked and Jack said "we'll do our best to have it there tomorrow".

And we had to do no more. No papers or anything. We also discovered one of the employees at the store, a young man in his mid-20's, is currently in treated for lymphoma. We chatted with him for a few minutes, as that seems to happen when you cross paths with someone else dealing with cancer.

I'm just floored and humbled by such things happening. The world is a very jaded, self-centered place these days. But among all of those types, some truly good people are out there. Willing to do or provide what is within their means to help complete strangers. We knew no one at Famous Tate. I'd never been in a Famous Tate store, as they are local to this area and I've had no appliance needs since we moved here. But I can guarantee you they'll have our business for the things they sale from now on.

We'll update you on how Scott gets on with a new "comfy bed".


christine said...

Hope you can get some quality sleep soon Scott and as always we are also bowled over by peoples generosity.
Love as always

Chris Trey Mady Julia said...

Hi, I'm Mady's Mom and you left a comment in our blog. I just wanted to Thank-you for your comment and say that we are all praying for your son too. It's a horrendous diagnosis, and I get how paranoid and afraid a mom can feel. You wrote in October about a particularly down time and noted that you had edited how you really feel. I know those all-encompassing feelings of despair. I too spent days/weeks wondering if the doctors knew more than they were saying. Now I am trying to let the fear go and sometimes, I can actually do it for an hour or two. Thinking of you and your family. Chris