Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scott has been fighting a cold and for the last few days he’s been lying around on the sofa like a little white, coughing, snot oozing, sweaty, maggoty type thing.
So, I was pleasantly surprised to see his anc hadn’t bottomed out. It wasn’t great and he was only thirteen over the required magic number of 750, but at least it wasn’t zero. So he got checked over to make sure he didn’t have ebola, pneumonia or the Black Death and was given the go ahead to have his breathing treatment and chemo. Whilst his counts weren’t great it was nice to see a small rise in platelets and hemoglobin. He also had 46% monocytes which is off the charts – but good. In a healthy individual monocytes are typically between 0 and 10%, but are very often higher in someone receiving chemo and steroids. It means the bone marrow is recovering – and working. Usually within a few days of seeing a high number of moncytes the anc (absolute neutrophil count) will recover.
Hopefully he will shake off his sniffles in the next day or so because I have convinced him to come to the Spa with my friend, Sara and I on Saturday. He desperately needs his hair tidied up but since losing it all to chemo he has become rather phobic of hairdressers. His hair is still very dry, thin and unruly due to the chemo and he looks like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. Anyway I told him it was either a shearing at Sports Clips or a luxury cut and style at the Spa. After a long discussion on where the prettiest hair ‘cutters’ worked, he picked the Spa. He also managed to negotiate a trip to Waffle House on the way back. GROSS!
Also on Saturday (at 8am!!!! Ugg) we have to be at the Ice Sports Forum for the Fall Hockey League semi-finals. Derry’s team made it through. Cool huh?! Not only that but they went through in 1st place. If his team wins they will play again at 7pm in the final. I bet if I give him a handful of Scott’s steroids his muscles and hormones will go into overdrive and he’ll fly across the ice like Gretzky on speed. Such a cunning plan.
That’s it for now, I feel like I have some sort of fungus growing in my throat and its doing my head in. Gonna go lie down.

Our pretty kitty is growing up->


Sandie said...

Glad it was a good day counts wise for Scott. I sorry you two are under the weather. I hope the hair washer and the stylist are both "lookers."

Thank you for the pictures, they are wonderful. We ADORE Aqualungmyfriend - very squeezable.

I've been threatnend with unspeakable horrors if I repeat what Girlie said about Derry. I shall leave it at that.

nina said...

Hope you're all feeling better. Really nice pictures of the kitty and Derry is
(from a mommy standpoint only)how are you not fighting off the girls with his hockey stick is beyond me.

I am counting down Scott's thursday's with you. Have a wonderful spa day. You both have more than earned it!