Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a quick, late update tonight for those of you across the pond. Derry's team managed to win the Final tonight, by a score of 4-2. He was quite happy, as his knee didn't betray him this evening. Also happy as Anthony, who lives a couple doors down, plays on the other team.

Scott continues to have coughing fits. He is most certainly fighting the bug that has been going round here. Knock on wood - no fever to this point. As you all know, hitting the 100.5 mark results in a 48-hour minimum stay at the Hotel Tebbi (otherwise known as St. Joe's). Obviously our biggest fear is the chest congestion taking deep hold and leading us to another bout of pneumonia.

We want no complications (no one does). The danger of even minor issues reared its head yesterday with another local child. A young girl that lives in our area has been battling neuroblastoma. Jessica was responding to treatment, but needed platelets 8 days ago. Somehow the platets she received were infected, and she reacted badly. Sadly, she passed away yesterday. After all the battles she had faced, such a problem took her away.

Folks wonder why we worry endlessly about every little blood count anomaly, additional drug or procedure. There are none which come with zero risks. Everything seems a risk to these kids. It seems too many are paying the highest price.


christine said...

What response is there to Jessica's passing - how can blood be infected in this day and age? To pass on our sympathy to her parents is just not enough, but we can do no more.

But - Derry - well done - I've seen you play and you do brilliantly - I'm very proud of you to have played in the final despite injury - keep it up.

Scott - keep fighting that bug - and that's an order.

love to all mum/nana

David said...

Christine, little response. Problems with transfusions of any blood product still seem to have a 1-in-5000 chance of some type of infection. Many kids have reactions. Scott (as every kid in treatment) gets premedicated prior to a transfusion.

It again just illustrates that nothing is remotely close to "routine" for these kids. It is heartbreaking.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear that heartbreaking news about Jessica. It's so upsetting anything like that could even happen, especially to a child.

Kudos to Derry!!! He sounds like quite the hockey player.

I'm thinking of you Skittles, and hoping that bug will leave you alone so you can feel better soon.

Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Reed said...

What a terrible thing to happen. My sympathy to the family.

1 in 5000 seems fairly high. Is that the odds with irradiated blood? I am curious because my son gets blood products about every 3rd day. He went almost 9 months without any reaction, but this last month he reacted to both platelets and RBC.