Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scott and I didnt make it to the game this morning (which is still in play) because he is still 'down with the sickness' (come on, get up, get down with it). Neither of us have had much sleep the last few nights and dragging him out of his nest at 7am this morning to go and sit on the bench at the ice sports forum didnt seem like a wise idea. He is awake now and pleasantly buzzing from his cold and flu medicines and looking forward to getting his make over later this morning.
Anyhow, the reason for my post is that Derry's team are already leading 6-nil, and its still only the first period!!! It looks like they are gonna go through to the final tonight! Bring. It. On!
PS. Damn me and my big mouth. Derry got pummeled and took a bad fall in the 3rd period by his best friend from high school (who plays on the opposing team) and has busted his knee. His team won the semi 8-1 but I'm not sure Derry will be able to play now. He's laying down with an ice pack and knocking back the ibuprofen.

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christine said...

Let us know if he gets to play in the final so we can be cheering him on from a distance. Hope his knee holds up. and hope Scott feels better as well especially after his make over - perhaps you'll both get to see the final.

love mum/nana

ps - knowing that Nana will read this tomorrow I'm not sure your caption will be appreciated!!!