Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, February 16, 2009

Darling fascist bully-boy ....

We are in the midst of the vincristine squall and it sure isn’t pretty. Vincristine is one mean bitch yet she does a great job in kicking the crap out of the bone marrow, and hopefully destroying every last cancer cell. Every cycle seems to be harder than the last and Scott is thoroughly miserable. He told me earlier that it’s a good job we don’t keep a gun in the house as he would have happily taken it and blown his brains out. I think he was being overly theatrical although Im not sure. His blood pressure has been very high from the pain but Labetolol brings it down again pretty quick, we just have to keep a close eye on it. A repeat of last year’s fiasco would not be good. He has also just finished day 4 of the 5 days pulse of prednisone and the cravings and munchies are now in full swing. As you know, the vincristine causes massive jaw pain, so to have a child with such insatiable hunger and a more-or-less paralyzed mouth is like a cruel damn joke.
So it’s been a very quiet weekend, just hanging out here trying to keep Scott (from shooting himself) amused and comfortable. David and I made a pact not to mention or celebrate Valentines Day and it was wonderful. We scowled and bitched at each other just like normal. Ha ha, screw you Hallmark. No hockey for Derry this weekend and no more for a while I guess. I’m not sure when the new season starts, not for a while I hope. Apart from hockey being so ridiculously expensive it is also a ridiculously early morning sport AND it causes to too many bruises.
Re the Paypal Link. As David said in his post we have been overwhelmed with support and are incredibly grateful and relieved. Leukemia is scary, ugly and also, very expensive and we, like the majority of you, simply don’t have spare money, let alone thousands and thousands of dollars of spare money. Thank you to Nana, Grandmomma and Papa, Nina, Shel, Kristy, the Krug family and again to PZ and Pharyngula. Your kind donations will get rid of a big chunk of our medical debt and have done much to bring our stress levels down. We also want to thank everyone for the heartwarming messages we received. They have all been saved for Scott to look back on when he is a little older. I really hated having to put up that begging button and still feel dreadful about it but you guys didn’t give us the cold shoulder, as I was expecting, instead it brought out the very best in human nature and empathy. Of course, we could have tried this ...

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Staci said...

David and Stephanie, it was our pleasure to be able to help out a little though we wish it could have been much more.

Tell Scott we are thinking of him... not a day goes by that we aren't. We talk of him often and find ourselves popping by the blog to see if there has been an update on how Scott is doing.

Sending warm hugs from cold Maine! David and Staci