Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stupid Weather

Yup, we're probably gonna get some impact from a hurricane sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. That should add to the list of things that have come down our path. The way our luck is going, it'll probably blow away the hospital, the house and everything else we rely on. Not to mention it carries the same name as my dad's twin sister.

I've planted clover in place of the grass, just in the hopes of finding one with 4 leaves. Also going to stop by a feed store tomorrow and get some new horseshoes, as the ones we have are all used up it seems.

Fay should make this week, which was gonna be busy, even more so. Derry is to start high school Monday. Scott has a full day of clinic Thursday, including his breathing treatment and getting knocked out for his latest spinal tap. I have a revisit to the orthopaedic doc. I went for neverending pain in my knees and feet, which felt like electric shocks. Basically was told I'd A) developed neuropathy in them as a side effect from Zithromax, which I took for a whole 3 days in early April and it made me unable to move my hands. Killed the sinus infection, but know I walk like I'm 80. B) was told I needed an MRI of my right shoulder, as the doc would wager my rotator cuff is torn (and that I've taken anti-inflammatories too much for it). and C) that I had a screwy growth plate my my right tibia, which shocked him my knee hasn't hurt since I was a kid (it's only hurt since I was about 14 actually).

So, on Thursday I'll find out if he's gonna shove a scope in my shoulder, and if I need to add any drugs to the Lyrica he put me on for the neuropathy.

The pharmacy guys love us and smile when we walk in.

The insurance company probably hates us and likely have a hitman looking for us to decrease their costs.

And contemplating the to-do list at work is useless. Depending on tomorrow's storm updates, the whole list may get shoved back and as screwed up as a football bat.

On other fronts, I have to travel next week for a few days. Our annual business meetings for our company are next week. On the exact same day, my mom has to go into the hospital for mitral valve surgery. My dad had the same thing done 11 years ago, and it was no fun. My mom is worried, scared and hated seeing my dad go throught it. She swore then that she could never go through that - now she must.

I'm worried for her. Worried for Scott. Wonder if I'll ever walk normally again. Wonder just how bad this storm will be.

But then I think about all we've been bashed with over the last 18 months. It's too the point where if things go normal and smooth, we'll likely just all go insane.

Or lose our insanity.

Figure that one out.

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