Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, August 15, 2008

Clinic went well yesterday with a strong anc of 2400, hgb 12.4 and platelets were at 272. Like I said in an earlier post his anc has been consistently high lately (low for a regular dude tho!) so I asked if he would be increased again next week and was told that he probably wouldn’t. The nurse had been looking at his protocol, as she was expecting an increase too, but it seems he is already on the highest doses possible.
This is not really very good as we want to keep the marrow suppressed. I did however mention that maybe it is time we switched him from Pentadamine back to Bactrim. It is possible that the Bactrim could lower his counts, nudging them a little closer to where they should be. The nurse thinks it is worth trying and is going to run it past the doctor. So we’ll see. Next week is going to be a bitch and I am dreading it. If I can get an okay to stop Pentadamine then its one less thing to worry about.
Here are a few photos of Scott with his honey, Nurse Vikki. He looks miserable as hell but who can blame him, IV methotrexatate is hardly something to get excited about.

Today we had a visit from two wonderful volunteers from Make-A-Wish. They were so sweet and kind and talked with Scott about how they can make his dreams come true. I will write more about this in the coming weeks but will keep it a surprise for now. Here’s Scotty, looking a wee bit happier, with his Fairy Godmothers …

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Lorna said...

nice pic of scott and the make a wish ladies.. am off to the big city of pemba tomorrow - will try to call you from there. love lorns x