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Scott & Sunny

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Firing up the Kanzius Machine...

Could a non-medical, non-scientific dude really have stumbled across the most exciting technology ever?? Google 'Kanzius' if you have time. Phase 1 trials have been promising and it seems he is being taken very seriously now.

From the Eerie Times...

Device to treat blood of local cancer patients
Published: July 17. 2008 12:06PM
Local cancer patients will have their blood samples treated with John Kanzius’ radio-frequency device as part of a research project that could begin as early as Friday.Samples will be taken from Regional Cancer Center patients who have cancers of the blood, Kanzius said. Those samples will be sent to his Millcreek Township lab at Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, Inc., and placed in his experimental device to see if it kills the cancer cells and leaves healthy cells unharmed.“It’s not every day that the Erie community gets a chance to participate in a novel treatment that has so much potential,” Kanzius said.The project is an agreement among Kanzius, Hamot Medical Center, Saint Vincent Health Center, the RCC and Associated Clinical Laboratories. Results will be sent to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, which is conducting research on Kanzius’ device.No humans will be treated with the device at this point, only their blood samples. Human trials won’t begin for at least another 18 months, Kanzius said.—David Bruce

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