Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, August 8, 2008

Scott's counts yesterday were fine. Hooray! His anc was close to 5000 (steroid induced), his wbc and hgb were within normal ranges and his platelets were at 282, a nice jump from last week and pleased me very much.
Next week is methotrexate only, the week after that (if counts okay) will be a anaesthesia & a lumbar puncture with chemo, vincristine, steroids and pentadamine. He does not do anaesthesia well and the lumbar puncture leads to pain in his back for about a week but it has to be done and we want it to be done. It still sucks though.
Anyhow, just hoping that the next two weeks will be good and that we can get Scott out and about a little more than of late. It has been two months since his dad died and his mood since then has been pretty bleak, he clings more and more to the couch (and to me) every day. We all have to try harder to climb out of this pit.
I posted a wee while back about his hair coming out again ... well perhaps it isnt ... I'm not too sure. I thought he was losing it because he called me to his bed one night and said, rather unhappily, "hey, look at this!", then proceeded to pull three big chunks of his hair out!! I tried and none came out. He told me that I wasn't pulling hard enough, then grabbed at it again and hey presto, more hair in his hand. So I dunno, maybe it is weak, maybe mine would come out too if he yanked on it so hard, maybe it is about to fall out. We'll see. However his hair is a mess and this weekend I want to get him sheared a little. Its not just the scragginess but the chemo is in his hair, it is dry, it feels horrible, like a cheap carpet, it needs to be cut. He is mad at me, but so be it.
Have a nice weekend and thanks for checking in.


Laura said...

Just wanted to check in and see how clinic and Scott's Birthday went. I'm SO GLAD he had a nice Birthday!!! Yeah. :) Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

christine said...

Hope you do manage to get out and about a bit - lift all your spirits - and tell Scott his hair WILL grow again.
love to all

Lorna said...

been trying to post all week - and trying to call too - but nada. maybe today. glad scott had a good day on his birthday. sounds like you all had some much needed fun. hair or no hair - - whatever... up in the very far north of moz, political rally today and tomorrow - crazy crazy place.... love x