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Scott & Sunny

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ALL and Stem Cell Transplant survivor, Maarten van der Weijden

No Evidence of Disease!!
snipped from the Telegraph:
Dutch swimmer Maarten van der Weijden skirted just inside the final red buoy to grab gold in the men's 10-kilometer open water race Thursday, completing a comeback after recovering from leukemia.
Van der Weijden won a three-way sprint in the inaugural event with a better-angled finish under a steady rain.
"I think the leukemia taught me to think step by step," Van der Weijden said. "When you're laying in the hospital bed and feeling so much pain and feeling so tired, you don't want to think about next week or next month, you're only thinking about the next hour.
"You just be patient. You lay in your bed and just wait. It's almost the same strategy I've used here, to stay in the pack, to be patient, and stay easy just waiting for your chance."


Carolyn said...

I love these kinds of stories about survivors who go on to accomplish wonderful, awesome things. I know Scott is going to do the same -- and leave the rest of us in the dust!

Glad Derry finally got to high school; a little concerned about those "hot" girls though!! Tell him not to believe anything they say.....

christine said...

Yes - life is for living and when Scot is well he must go out there and show himself and everyone else that A.L.L. is NOT the end of the world - he has his whole life ahead of him!
love nana/mum