Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, August 18, 2008

Aaah the first day of High School. How wondrous, what an incredible right of passage. But no, not for us, not for the children of the damned, the doomed ones with hexes on their foreheads.
I have screamed and cursed so much this morning that Scott enquired as to wether I had developed a nasty case of tourettes.

This morning we were all up and excited (I wasn't, I was crying) at Derry starting the school for bigger boys, he was showered and beautiful, he ate breakfast at 6am, he was so ready. Off he trotted to the bus stop (6.35am) in plenty of time for his 6.42am pick-up. At 7.45am he was still there, 12 minutes after school had started. The three other kids waiting with him all buggered off with an older kid in a car, thankfully Derry did not accept a ride. Boy would I have been fuming if he had.

During this time Derry was texting me every 5 minutes to say 'bus still AWOL' and I was frantically trying to contact the transportation department to find out where the bloody hell the bus was. Guess what, the transportation departments one and only phone line was down! I called the county and went ballistic and finally got another number from them, this number was either busy or I was getting "sorry, your call cannot be taken at this time'. I also called the school and was told that they were fielding call after call from parents saying the same thing. Derry then called to say that two women walking past told him their daughters (waiting at a stop further down the road) had given up and gone home.

So, Derry is now home and has missed his first day of school. I have now been trying for 3 hours and still cannot get anyone from transport to answer. The school is fine about it but is in a bit of a panic as they are unsure as to how many children will be able to get home as so many were dropped off by parents expecting a bus ride home but it now seems the drivers will not allow them on the bus without a pass - which many dont have due to yet more incompetancy by the t**t's at transport. We have our pass but no bus!

Upon speaking with the school again it seems that perhaps the bus time has been changed within the last few days. This is all fine and dandy but it would have been nice if they would have told us.


I am madder than I have been in a long time. This should have been a very important day for him, where he learns the ropes along with all the other newbies instead he is going to be thrown in at the deep end.

What a mess.


christine said...

So sorry Steph - give Derry a nana hug from me - if there are such a lot of other kids missing their first day perhaps they will all learn the ropes together.

Although he must have been nervous I expect in reality he would have liked to be there for the first day and get settled in. Good job he had the mobile so you knew what was happening.

Visions of your dad saying why does it always happen to us.
'Why does it always rain on me'

love as always mum/nana

Carolyn said...

And thank goodness he did not get in a car with other kids!

Sounds like a bit of chaos but they will straighten it out and if there are others in the situation, they will have something to talk about tomorrow -- and a memorable "first day"!