Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, December 3, 2007

Another pleasant surprise

While Stephanie and I sit worried sick about Scott's low count at clinic last Thursday, Scott seems energetic and active. He doesn't seem weak or tired. Does that help us worry less? Not really. Nothing wil remove this round of worry except better counts this Thursday.

We had another pleasant surprise Sunday. I have to preface the whole situation a bit. Stephanie asked me during last week if I could take the boys out Sunday for several hours. Not an ordeal at all because Derry's hockey game was Sunday just before noon, and we could ride about and do a few things if we wanted. She told me not to ask her questions, so I didn't (as I'm a good To be honest, I thought she just needed some "alone" time like we all need now and again.
So we get ready to leave yesterday and she says "now you can't come back until I call and say you can". Which seemed odd, but I wasn't about to question anything.

We went about our business. Sat down to eat lunch and my phone rings. Stephanie says we can now come home again whenever we're ready. We track back and as we get home we see this in the yard:

Yes. The picture isn't doctored. That inflatable snowman is really 12 1/2 feet tall and drawfs Scott. Plus there were lights everywhere, approaching Griswold level:

You see, awhile back a couple of very nice ladies from the Brandon Foundation stopped by the house. They are a local group of folks who have only one goal - to help out families in the Brandon Community. I know that sounds simplified, but doing just that is what makes a "community". During their visit, we basically talked about what the Foundation does, and then they asked what type of things they may be able to help with. Of course all Stephanie and I could think of were things for Scott, and we told them he was asking for a comfy bed (which I posted about a few weeks back when we were called literally days after their visit to go and pick one out). Stephanie had mentioned Scott was going on about Christmas lights on the house. He wanted to decorate the house with lights for Christmas. We'd been doing some looking around for lights and such, but Stephanie would stop me and say "it's too early" or "let's just leave it today, we have other things to do".

I never knew this was in the works. Only Stephanie did.

Sunday, I suppose shortly after we left, a small army of folks from the Foundation's Angels Among Us arrived. I was told they were here somewhere between 2-3 hours. They were here for no other reason than to make sure Scott had lights on his house for Christmas. For the record, here's a picture of them in action:

And here's most of the group, minus a few of the wee ones that had retired to some A/C:

I know Natalie Brock is in there. As well as Shawn Trotti and her husband and I believe Liz Brewer. It's hard for me to remember all these folks, as the last time I saw them (and the only time I saw most) they were dressed to the nines for the Foundation's Evening of Hope I attended.

We are all just staggered and extremely thankful. Such people - most being folks we don't even know, a few we've met briefly - taking time out of their weekend to make sure a kid dealt the hand to deal with cancer has lights on his house for Christmas. I'm humbled by such an action, and I don't know if I could ever properly thank each and every one of these wonderful people.

During conversations I have with different people about this ordeal, the subject of "losing time" seems to always come up. Simply dealing with cancer as a parent robs you of time, regardless if things are going well or not so well. Time is in short supply most every week. For virtual strangers to give some of their's is truly a priceless gift to us. The folks in that picture above are some very special people indeed.


Dawn said...

Wow - the house looks great all lit up. How fantastic that these folks turn up and help like this. I hope Scott was suitably impressed and had the job of throwing the switch once it got dark. I bet the guy's faces were a picture when they got back and saw that giant snowman! Steph, you sure know how to pull a surprise out the bag every now and then!

Hope you all had a great time with Graham while he was with you. Sounds like you all did quite a bit with the time.

Stay strong and love to you all.

PS You sure those folk only do things in Brandon? They're not free to come over and do our house next weekend by any chance?!!

Sandie said...

The house looks great - Steph you are a sly one! I love the picture of Scott next to that giant snowman. It's wonderul.

The kindness, time and effort of those lovely people just makes me weep. It wonderful to be reminded there is such goodness in the world.

Why isn't the snowman melting?

Lots of love to you all

strotti said...

Walker Family

Your family, your strength and attitude have been an inspiration to me and my family. It was such an honor and privledge to be a part of helping your boys have a BRIGHT Christmas. It is a day that my husband, daughters and their friends, and I will never forget. Have a very Merry Christmas and God bless!

Shawn Trotti

Colbys Mom said...

Just stopped by to check on Scott. I hope his counts have rebounded when you guys go to clinic this week. What a wonderful group of people to decorate, this story was really touching. You have a great community and I am so glad you have people willing to help. I can totally relate to not having any time. I hope this lifts Scotts spirits and yours as well. You are both wonderful parents.
Sending warm hugs and prayers to you all!
~ Colby's mom

Laura said...

Oh my, the last two emails have made me cry! I am just in awe of the surprise Stephanie pulled off. It must have been awesome to see Scott's face. :) What a wonderful foundation. I hope Scott enjoys the lights and giant snowman all month long! Christmastime is such a magical time of year and I hope he is able to get caught up in every part of the festivities, decorations and celebrations. The more smiles the better! Thinking of you all and smiling that your house has been made even more beautiful. Have a wonderful evening. Angel Laura

nina said...

Wow!! That is a wonderful thing to behold! If you have ever doubted the existence of good people in this world, look no further.The house looks beautiful.
Happy Christmas to you all.

Anissa Mayhew said...

Rock on!! The house looks great, I guess "Bob's your uncle" ??? Did I use that term properly, Steph?? Oh well.

Guess what? I have that beautiful picture of you and Scott and I did a little dance of joy at how wonderful it really is.

Love you

Grandmama said...

The house looks really nice . I know all of you will enjoy all those lights. I can just see David and the boys when they came back and saw all those lights and the snowman.
Great surprise Stephanie. Hope we get to see them . {The Lights}
And I am praying for Thursday to be a better day than the last two .
We Love You All.
Grandmama & Papa [Mom & Dad

christine said...

Wow, wow, and wow again - just back from another jaunt and we were walking in REAL snow for a time - and although we saw children building snowmen, there was nothing quite so grand as yours Scott. And yours will last the whole of Christmas to remind not just you, but all your neighbours as well, that there are some good guys in this world.
Well done Steph for being able to keep such a good secret.

Hope todays hospital visit brings good news.
lots of love