Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, December 17, 2007

We have been well and truly spoiled rotten over the last few days and I am so thankful for the support and love, we really need and appreciate it right now.

On Friday Scott recieved a beautiful build-a-bear puppy from Angel David and his family. What was even more touching were the photos of his daughters building/birthing the pup. Scott loves his bear very much and got all emotional that you care so much for him. Thank you Krug family!
On Saturday we were presented with a holiday gift basket from the Beacon Surginet Team at St Joseph's hospital. There was a gift card for each of us and presents for the boys. And that darn cat, Dave, who isnt ours but thinks he is, is very happy in his nice new wicker basket. So thank you very much to all who contributed.

On Sunday the boys' dreams came true. We had been invited to the Tampa Bay Lightning Christmas party but I had kept it all very hush hush, too scared to get them all excited in case Scott was sick and we couldnt go. We really shouldnt have with his anc being critical but if there was one thing that could cheer us all up, this was it!! So Sunday morning came and I told the boys we were going out to a very special and sacred place, Derry started whining and saying there was no way he was stepping foot inside a church and Scott got it into his head we were going to see The Cure!

By the time we arrived at the sacred and holy ice of the TBL the boys still didnt have a clue what was happening. Scott was still yammering on about seeing the Cure and Derry was having a crisis at the thought of being surrounded by Goth's and 'Emo People'. We checked in and the lady said "you'll be sitting with Johan Holmqvist, have a great afternoon". Well you should have seen their faces, absolute bliss followed by a kind of 'OMG he'll eat us alive' look. Priceless. Even David did a double take and asked the lady to repeat what she had said. I got to say a HUGE thank you to Sharin Nelson from the Childrens Cancer Center at this point, she knew Johan was Scotts hero and she dropped a bit of a subtle hint to the Lightning Foundation to have us seated with him. Thank you Sharin, you are awesome!

Johan Holmqvist is the goalie for the team and he truly is Scotts idol. Scott had dreams, and still does, of becoming a hockey goalie and admires Johan so much. Not just for his ability but he loves his attitude too. A while back we met him, very briefly, Johan had had the flu and the Lightning had just lost pretty badly. The boys had their picture taken with him and Johan had a bit of a wild and homicidal look in his eye. The boys were thrilled and thought he was 'way cool' When I said to them later that perhaps I had upset him by we asking for a photo they were like, "oh no, goalies are always angry!" LOL.

So anyway, we go through into a beautiful room, all decorated with Christmassy things, fancy tables and lots and lots of food. There were Christmas stockings on the tables, sweeties (candy) and a gift for the mums. It was perfect.
Then Johan arrived with two big bags of gifts for the boys and two goalie sticks. The boys froze and David and I tried to hold back the tears (saps!). It was all so surreal. Top of Scott's Christmas list this year was a Holmqvist jersey, little did he know he would be recieving it from the man himself. Damn Im getting all emotional writing this. :) They were spoiled and loved every minute of it. Jerseys and hockey sticks and blankets and hats and games and calenders, Derry even got a very nice new pair of hockey gloves. And the holy grail for Scott ... Johans very own hockey stick!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a simply perfect afternoon. We talked about Sweden and Scotland and hockey and Johan made us all laugh talking about what goes through his head when he is playing. Scott was in heaven, Derry too although he was still in complete shock and absolutely gobsmacked. I hope Johan wont mind me saying he wasnt scary at all (off-ice at least), just a kind, caring and very funny man. I know I will never ever be able to thank him enough for his kindness and I know that none of us will ever forget our wonderful day. It was just amazing.
Today Scott has been wrapped in his blanket playing Smackdown versus Raw 2008, he must have told me a dozen times "my new best friend Johan gave me this game!!". Then when Derry came home from school the first thing he did was drool over his new gloves. How on Earth can Santa compete with a wild and windswept crazy hockey player??!

One final thank you. To Angel Laura. The postie arrived today with a big ole box which Laura had filled with gifts and poems to represent the 12 days of Christmas. What a wonderful and very clever surprise and Scott, again, was quite overwhelmed. Thank you so much.

We really have been spoiled these last 4 days. But I want you to know that we are so thankful to you all, each of these wonderful things has really and truly helped bring a smile to all of our faces. We are all grieving my dad and worried sick about what Thursday's bloodtests will show but the kindness and love has really helped us through what could have been a very depressing weekend.

Thank you all.

I shall leave you with a beautiful video that my very clever friend Anissa made, Scotty and I are now famous and are on youtube. Eeeeeeeeeeee! Cool huh! I am the wretched looking skank in the orange top. A picture that was supposedly deleted! Aha yeah right, sure dont look very deleted to me! LOL. Beside me is the word 'committed', hahahahaha, it won't be long, Bedlam is calling!

Oh and one last thing, Vinnie Le Cavalier's bottom :) ..........


Grandmama said...

I really have no words to express
how I was feeling while I was reading this blog. So very happy you all had such a wonderful weekend. We have been so worried about you all after all that happened last week.
I love the video . And cried all the way through it . So glad to see a picture of you and Scott. Let us see more .
Can't wait for Papa to see it when he gets home in the morning. That was the last thing he ask before he left was if there was anything new on the blog.
We Love You All
Grandmama & Papa [ Mom & Pop]

Laura said...

First I was smiling reading all of the good things that have happened these last few days and then I was crying when I watched the video of you and Scott and all of the other mothers and their kids. What an emotional mess I am! :)

So glad to hear Scott and the family had fun and were smiling this weekend! Hopefully lots of more days like the last few will follow. I think of you all often and wish you a wonderful, magical holiday.
Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Sandie said...

It was such a thrill to read about the great time the boys had with the Hockey hooligans. The generosity of Johan has me weeping. What a wonderful man. The idea that "sacred place" meant Cure concert will have me laughing all day. Anissa's video pushed me right over the edge - but then, the true holy grail - a picture of you and Scott. That made my day! And as if it couldn't get any better, a picture of a hockey bum. : ) I simply love knowing that you are had a good turn this weekend. You richly deserve it.

Lots of love to you.