Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, December 10, 2007

Counts still suppressed

We're just done with clinic. Scott's counts are still supressed, with his ANC being 308 today. This was discouraging, as we'd hope it had bounced back up since Thursday. A bone marrow aspiration was tentative today based on count results. However, after review of the last several counts, Dr. Wynn didn't believe it necessary. It all involves a lot of detail about cell biology and how certain readings relate to certain situations. Dr. Wynn is confident Scott's counts are still low due to some type of bug or infection his body is fighting, and said nothing in the chemistry or blood count points to relapse.

That is encouraging, as relapse would be the most horrific news. However we're just in another holding pattern until Thursday's clinic visit, which does nothing to change us from having frayed nerves for another 3 days.

Scott is very upset at the news. The reason why is telling evidence of what this disease does to everyone. He's upset because - to quote - "I wanted to get my chemo and start steroids". It is a sick, twisted situation which makes a child of 11 understand what chemo is for and to be that upset when he can't get poison shot into his body.

So I believe Scott, Stephanie and I may hang around the rest of the day trying to do something mind-numbing.

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