Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a day!! We are obviously all over the moon that Scott's anc had risen to a level where he can now restart chemo and keep on attacking those rogue leukemic cells. Huge relief also that his body recovered on its own without GCSF and more importantly to see his marrow is most definately working and no sign of relapse. His platelets are still a little on the low side which bothers me but the doctor didnt seem too concerned. No "unclassifieds" (very bad omens) were found in the bloodwork, his anc had risen well, still high monos and only a small drop in the hgb.

However, his biliruben level was very high today, much higher than it has ever been, and this is a concern. It had been thought that the high level was due to chemo and the liver struggling to process such a large amount of dead cells. This does now not seem to be the case as we have had five full weeks of no chemo and yet an increase in biliruben. Quite a lot of blood was drawn and a hepatic viral panel will be done to see if this can give us any idea as to what is going on with Scott's liver. We won't get the results for a week or two.

So again we only recieved a half dose of vincristine. Whilst part of me is celebrating the fact that at least we are getting chemo again another part of me is very worried indeed. Something is screwy with the liver enzymes and some of the virus's they are checking for are very nasty indeed. If a virus is not diagnosed then Scott will be refererred to a specialist.

Until this is resolved we will be on half chemo. Not good. Also, for as long as we have this biliruben issue, we will likely see more delays and concerns with his treatment and bone marrow recovery. Whilst his body is trying to fight this virus, if that is what it is, his counts will be effected and take longer to recover.

We will all sleep better tonight for sure, but still there is unease. T-cell is a such an aggressive leukemia, and to kill it requires consistent high doses, not pansying about like we are now.


christine said...

It's two steps forward, one step back isn't it?? We'll wait and pray over those liver tests. But ANY chemo right now is better than none so celebrate what you can and worry over tomorrow when tomorrow comes.

Love and I wish we could have real rather than virtual hugs

Laura said...

Thanks for the update. Please let Scott know I'm thinking of him and cheering him on. Take care. Angel Laura

Sandie said...

It never ceases to amaze me what a brillant and strong mother and woman you are. I bow in your general direction.

Lots of love to you

Lorna said...

hey steph - glad to get some good news - whatever scott and you are doing - keep it up. am off today back south - will keep in touch and hope to see y'all this year. lorna xxx

Anissa Mayhew said...

OUTSTANDING!! I'm celebrating the no relapse and the up in counts!!! Whoooo hoooooo

It may feel like with each good comes a new worry, but we're so thankful for the good news that we get.

NOW you can go for coffee!