Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Come come come, nuclear bomb!

Scotts counts have dropped even lower than last week. We are scheduled to test his bloodwork again on Monday, if it is over 750 we will start chemo and all will be wonderful. If low on Monday, we test again Thursday, if low, Scott will have a bone marrow aspiration to check for relapse.
The doctors have taken him off Bactrim (antibiotic) and put him on Dapsone, Bactrim has been known to lower counts, we are hoping this is the case. It is also possibly viral, although the only sign of ill health recently has been a sore throat - 2 weeks ago!
David and I are very, very scared.
Scott is obviously upset and concerned, but also he is sad at missing tonights outing (due to low counts/neutropenia) that the Children's Cancer Centre had arranged. They were going to have their portraits taken, then on to Build-a-Bear (which he loves) and then icecream.
My fear is overwhelming.

Edit. I have just had a nurse at St Joes call me, the bma has now been brought forward to Monday.


nina said...

If only I could send you a giant hug!! I am sending you all the positive wishes I can muster up for Scott, and your collective sanity.
Hang on.

Mary Lynn said...

I saw the disappointment and fear in all your faces and I wish I could take it away. Sierra has been through that numerous times. They also changed her from Bactrim to Dapsone (which she is still on). It will be okay, my friend. Yes it is scary but think positively. As I mentioned I have been through this with Sierra about 4 times during her treatments and thankfully she hadn't relapsed. I am believing the same for Scott.


Mary Lynn & Sierra

Laura said...

Sending lots of positive energy and well wishes to Scott and the whole family. Hang in there - you all are a strong and tough bunch. Thinking of everyone...
Angel Laura

Dawn said...

I'm sitting here thinking 'please try not to be so scared'. Apart from anything else Scott must sense the fear in you both. But thinking it is one thing. I know that if I was in your situation I would be terrified as well. Try to draw some strengh from your friends that have been through this before and it wasn't a relapse.

We're sending you our love and I'm praying that you get some peace of mind over the weekend and that Scotts count will be 750 on Monday.

Hang in there,

Lorna said...

hey steph, thinking of you all. love xxx

Carolyn said...

Wish I had the right words to give you comfort....I think the best I can do is focus positive thoughts. Try to gather strength from those, like Mary Ann, who have experienced these kinds of situations before. The rest of us love you, send hugs and pray all is a-okay on Monday.


Staci said...

If hugs could be sent via email there would be a big one on the way right now. We are sending up lots of prayers for Scott and you all! Know that you are thought of and prayed for daily. Hugs from Maine!

Grandmama said...

I really can not put into words How I wish I could make all this go away for the people I love so much. Think positive I know that is easier said then done. Just remember all your friends and FAMILY are here for you all
Grandmama [Mom] & Papa [Pop]

Sandie said...

Like everyone else, I wish I could take away your fear and pain. I am so very thankful for your friends, like Mary Lynn, you have walked in your shoes and can give you real comfort. I walk with you in my heart always. Always.

Lots of love to you all