Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Curiouser and curioser …
Well, Scott did get his chemo today, hopefully his very last dose of the lovely vincristine. He also had 80% methotrexate (reduced due to having low counts these last two weeks) and has started back on the prednisone and 6mp.
His anc had limped up high enough to start back on chemo yet it still wasn’t great. His hemoglobin, platelets and white count also rose significantly and the monocytes are still hovering quite high. His eosophils and basophils (‘allergy’ cells) were much improved since last week so that’s good too. However (I always seem to have a however don’t I) he did have 10% bad cells – unclassifieds and abnormal lymphocytes. Needless to say this has scared the crap out of me and what should be the start of celebrating the ending of this nightmare has been somewhat dampened. I have been dreaming of these ‘end days’ for so long now, and now that they’re here the damn bone marrow fairy decides to go and screw it all up.
Dr Tebbi’s opinion was that these cells were more than likely due to his bone marrow desperately trying to recover and in the process spitting out damaged cells. Were it not for Scott having high monocytes and platelets though there would be cause for immediate concern and investigation. And yes, he’s the genius and I’m just a dropout with a few O’grades and a CSE in music, but still I will worry.
As for Scott, well he’s miserable, in pain (neuropathy) and spending much of his day on the toilet. He doesn’t even seem to care that today was his last vincristine and 14 days from now he will take his last dose of chemo. Perhaps a head shrink would say my anxiety ectoplasm has oozed into Scott and led to his mega-downer but I don’t think so. I may be a complete neurotic freak but I have also become proficient in the fine arts of faking a happy look when I see his weekly blood sheet and lying my arse off.
Well that’s it for now; I’m tired and need to go lie down with Silent Hill and some chocolate. I’ll write more again soon, maybe even shock you all and post something happy for a change!! Actually ... ps ... I do have a happy thought ... yesterday I caught a glimpse of the pre-cancer Scott!!! It was wonderful and kind of weird. He has had the classic "moon face" for over two years now and has virtually no definition left in his face as its so swollen. But because its been 4 weeks now since his last steroids his face has started to shrink, chins are receding, and low and behold, the old Scott is still under there! :) It sounds kind of silly I suppose, Scott is Scott after all, but it was mighty damn good to see him again underneath all that hugeness.


Sherry said...

I am glad to hear Scott is one step closer to finishing his treatment. It was good to talk with you this week - hope your outing went well and lots of treasures were found! I look forward to the day with you that Scott can get back to his old self - away from all the meds and pokes and pains. Hang in there, it is coming!!
Love to all,

Laura said...

There really is a light at the end of this tunnel and I'm so glad it is getting closer for you guys. I hope for you everyday that when this is done it will seem like a distant memory and you'll have so much good to focus on in the future you'll hardly think of this. The day you see Scott just the way you remember him before all this will truly be an amazing day. He sure is a special kid! Thinking of you all as this countdown continues and sending all the well wishes your way I can.
Sending Smiles, Angel Laura