Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guess what? Im still a blithering wreck! LOL. However, today went well, his counts looked good, platelets and hemoglobin rose slightly, no unclassifieds or anything sinister, and his monocytes looked good. Healthy counts sure settle nervous tummies!! Here is Scott with his beautiful labs ….

Since his anc (an anc is some complicated, for me at least, mathematical equation involving his neutrophils and white count and calculates his ability to defend against infection) was well above 750 he could go ahead with his final dose of chemotherapy. This is Bob (our amazing nurse with a twisted British sense of humour) wiring him up …

His last (hopefully) infusion of methotrexate completed ….

Next we went off to the day hospital for the spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration. Scott was angry because he wasn’t hooked up to the monitor until the last minute and wanted to play ‘heart rate etch-a-sketch’ and ‘flatliners’ with it. Scott looking mad …

Finally everything got underway and David and I had to leave the room for the procedures. They don’t like parents to stay as the bma can be pretty brutal and sometimes it takes quite a lot of drilling to get the samples they need. I once walked in as they were cleaning up and it sure aint pretty! Like David said earlier Scott did wake up during the procedure and tried to pull the needle out of his back. Thankfully he doesn’t remember. Dr Tebbi took three samples of spinal fluid and two of bone marrow. I think he said one of the bone marrow samples was to be used for research but I could be wrong. My mind is still a bit fuzzy. The other samples will be tested for leukemia and so for now, we just wait.

So that was about it really. Scott woke up and cried for a while which he always does after anesthesia, he doesn’t know why, there is no reason, he just cries. Weirdo. Then he got angry at having to lay flat for an hour. Then he whined a lot. Then we left completely gobsmacked. Is that it? The end? It all feels strange.

Later we hit GameStop, Tropical Smoothie, SteaknShake and then went for ice-cream. Lots of presents were opened and lots of “wow”s were heard. Then everyone fell asleep. Except me.

Just waiting for that phone call.

Scott and his beautiful, beautiful angels. We love them all so much …


Carolyn, aka Lady said...

The best post EVER. The one with the final results will top this one so we will remain patient and try to stay calm - well, maybe not totally calm but you know.

What a road you all have traveled with Scott leading the way.....

Love all of you,

Kristy said...

Tell Scott there's absolutely nothing wrong with crying when he wakes up from anesthesia....each and every time I have it I'm a blithering idiot afterwards. :)

Can't wait to get those final results!!

Sandie said...

Well I must be a weirdo too because that post and those pictures made me cry like a [edited for the Grans].

I just love the photo of Scott with the report.

So... when can we change out lucky knickers yet? Or did everyone else already do that?

I watched this laughing my damn head off thinking of you.

Lots of love to you all.


nina said...

yay!! such a milestone...keep looking forward and as the song says..."don't look back!"
i leaked a bit as well...keeping the fingers crossed for good final labs!


christine said...

I don't know if any of the hospital staff read this blog, but if they do I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for the care you have given Scott - my grandson - over the last 16 months. Without your skills, talents and knowledge who knows what might have happened. Thank you.

I'm almost weeping now, just so pleased this nightmare is coming to an end and hoping Scott, and the whole family can start to get some semblance of normality back in their lives. I know there could be other problems down the road, but for now let us all be grateful that this milestone has been reached. I love you all so much.

And on a lighter note - I have just watched the You Tube that you put up the other day Steph - Britains Got Talent - we don't watch it normally - and I have never seen anything funnier in my whole life - well that may be an exageration - but you get my drift.

Laura said...

I just can't read that post without tearing up. What wonderful new that everything went well. Just amazing thinking back to the journey this has been for your family. You're all so incredibly strong. I'll keep my lucky things out for more great results today or early next week but enjoy this weekend and tell Skittles we're all sending hugs his way!!! Angel Laura

Grandmama said...

Like Carolyn said this is the best post EVER.I know it has been a long two and half years. And all though we are not there we are always with you. Try to have a good weekend .And tell Scott & Derry we Love them.
Love All of You Grandmama & Papa [Mom & Dad ]