Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, April 19, 2009

the tears of the immigrant

I know we’ll be celebrating tomorrow. I can feel it in my waters. Just can’t believe that we’ve lost so many along with way and they won’t be around to share in the joy. Callum and my dad should have stuck around. I wish I could scream and shake my finger at them. They should have been here, or at least, on the end of the phone. Damn.


nina said...

make no mistake,stephanie,...they are both with him, watching over scott and your family..

keeping you in my thoughts.


christine said...

They both loved you and the boys very much Steph and oh, but they could be here. But life goes on (what a cliche) and today we are all awaiting the good news - so many people are hoping and praying today, and crossing everything that is crossable, and have been doing all through this journey. So, we wait with baited breath.

love mum/nana