Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well today was a bitch. I guess we should have expected as much being that we are doomed. What should have been the start of our celebrations turned into a slap in the face and a big ‘ha ha ha, up yours’.
Scott’s counts fell again!!!! They were dismal last week but since there were lots of monocytes we had expected a rise and to be able to go ahead with Scott’s final dose of vincristine and prednisone. Instead we have to face yet another week of lockdown (due to Scott being severely neutropenic) and major angst as to exactly why his counts are falling.
His bloodwork showed a drop in all lines, red, white and platelets. The monocytes also fell. The only cells that rose were basophils to an astounding 8.9!!! These cells are an indication that the body is fighting an allergy and the normal values are between 0 and 2. The clinic told me that this is the highest number they have seen since last spring. Strangely though, Scott is showing absolutely no sign of allergies. So for the next week he is to take 2 different allergy medicines and we’ll see if this helps his counts next Thursday. I’m already teetering on the verge of being a certified window-licker so if no rise is seen next week I’ll be doing these updates from Bedlam (or the Tampa equivalent!).

Here is Scott at clinic today waiting for the nurse to draw his blood. He was feeling a bit paranoid about his double chin so this was his attempt at disguising it - spaz ....


christine said...

very little that can be said to try to cheer you Steph. Lets just hope that things settle by next Thursday so that Scott can have that final vincristine dose.

And, Scott, your double chin will dissapear when you come off the medication and get fit again - unlike mine that I think is with me for the rest of my life!!
love to you all

Laura said...

Bummer -that must be so frustrating and upsetting. I sure do hope next week will be better for you. I'm thinking of you all and sending well wishes for phenominal counts!!!
Sending Smiles, Angel Laura