Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday came again and so did another vial of chemo. Scott’s counts were not so great with the hemoglobin and platelets falling from last week. It seems that as time ticks by his anc doesn’t rise as it used to following steroids. I was told that this is probably due to the bone marrow being tired and sluggish after taking a beating for two straight years. A good response to prednisone (the steroid used for most t-cell patients) is an early indicator as to whether treatment will be successful or not. Well, hopefully now that we are nearing the end this is not such an issue anymore. Only time will tell I suppose.

Sadly clinic was very busy this afternoon. Thursday afternoons are usually very quiet, sometimes Scott is the only patient, but not today. There were no familiar faces, so Im guessing these kids were newly diagnosed. Certainly one kid was, I could tell by the look of horror on his parents faces. Another child was being admitted to the 8th floor. This is where Scott spent the night prior to his diagnosis being confirmed by a bone marrow autopsy. The nurses called it a “dirty” floor as it is where children with contagious diseases are treated. Obviously this is not the place for a child with cancer and a low immune system. I guess the rest of the hospital must have been full. It seems that pediatric cancer is everywhere and is spiraling. Maybe it is only my awareness, or my paranoia.

Thanks for checking in and thank you to all of you who take the time to leave a little feedback. I hate having to keep this blog, obviously because of its content, but also because I feel like you're all in my space. I am not a social creature by any stretch of the imagination (unlike David who runs around, tail-a-wagging and loves everyone) so spewing forth, into cyber space, little tit bits of our lives makes me most uneasy. Obviously all the really good gossip, all the smut, the tears and the arguments I never mention, and anything mildy amusing or interesting which does become chronicled for all eternity is wildy exaggerated - but that goes without saying Im sure. LOL. But anyway, enough waffle. As I was saying ... thank you for checking in and for leaving messages. Without the messages it would be a lonely place and I certainly would have stopped running my mouth off long, long ago. Ahahhaha, so now you know how to shut me up, once and for all.

My mum keeps reminding me that my almost 90 year old Nana reads this blog every Sunday. I know this is her way of saying, "you'd better damn well stop with all that bloody swearing young lady, your Nana's listening". Mind you, Nana is Navy through and through and could probably pwn me in a swearing contest any day!! Scott's teachers have started keeping up-to-date with the blog too, which makes me sweat a bit and double check my spelling and grammar. Now I see that my curly haired and freckled little cousin is also following Scott's story and all I can think about is spinning on the waltzers with him in Helensburgh in the mid-eighties singing 'Young at Heart' and looking mighty cool. Damn I miss the eighties, and feeling completely invincible. Come to think of it I was invincible, and dazzlingly spectacular, especially in my ra-ra skirt and stripey legwarmers. I am almost 40 now, with wrinkles and folds and creaks. Shit.
Gawd, I do go on dont I? I shall zip the cake hole now and get to bed. Oh and I want to see lots of messages in the morning, especially from YOU, my dear Nana. :)


christine said...

Sorry I missed your birthday David - hope you had a good one, and many more to come. It brings a warm, and sad smile to see all those photos of pre cancer life when as Steph says you all seemed invincible. Good times will prevail again.
Nana just had her plaster cast off her leg this morning, so will be running around like a 89 year old again - ie not very fast!!
lots of love everyone, mum/nana

Sherry said...

Happy Belated Birthday David! Loved the pictures from five years ago. It is such a nice escape now and then to go to those pictures and pretend this ugly disease never entered our lives isn't it??


Sandie said...

The pressure of knowing your Nana is reading is enough to cripple my fingers. Never had a Nana, myself, so I'm not in the know of how it all works. It's been worry enough that your mum and David's would wonder who in the world the insane one was and warned you against "girls like that."

I'm quite a respectable mother these days. So not to worry.

I was, however, ridiculously fabulous in the eighties - a force to be reckoned with - an easy smile and lots of collagen left in my skin. *sigh* Not the crone that keeps popping up in my mirror by mistake, THAT'S for sure. Good thing we weren't mates then, Steph. Goodness... the havoc we two would have wreaked.

So I blathered on a bit in solidarity. I'm going to continue to be in your space, because I'm like that. ;) We keep you close to our hearts and being able to come here and check in on you and let you know we are here is a good thing.

I don't know if Scott and Derry have Guitar Hero (or the other one). You can download BTR now. Warn them that I kick (edit for Nana) playing it. I'd be happy to post scores if ever they think they are good enough to take me on.

Lots of love to you all.

Carolyn, aka Lady said...

You are all four an inspiration to so many. Every Thursday there are sooo many people who run to the blog to get the update. We get a little anxious if it is not posted right away, but that is okay...such a relief when it is posted. I think the blogging thing is a much needed outlet and, one day, will be a treasured testament to all the love, from all different directions, surrounding all of you.

Love you!

Laura said...

Just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate reading these blogs too. I wish you didn't have to write them and that we knew each other through some other means like a chance run-in at the store or through a friend of a friend. I am just grateful to know you and your family - Stephanie you are the funniest person I know and your sense of humor is so right up my ally. And Skittles is just an amazing boy who I feel very fortunate to know. You are all really special people and I am just glad to be a small part of your lives. Thanks for always updating the blog and for being YOU. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

christine said...

It is I - the NANA - or matriarch - speaking - you seem to be giving me a bad name - whereas I thought it was good not to swear. So I'm keeping my eye on you all. We could of course set up a swear box, and it might pay your fare home eventually the number of times you swear each blog!!!

Love to read your blog each week and you know that you are all always on my mind and in my prayers.

Big hug to you all,
Nana (Stephanies Nana - not Scotts)

Dawn said...

Hi Steph,
Sorry we're all in your space. We'll try not to be too intrusive, but you don't get rid of us that easy. LOL. Hey, to hell with not being intrusive, what we want is the really good gosip you're NOT telling us!!
And nearly 40? Another month to go, so I say don't age yourself prematurely!! I'm sure underneath it all you're still 'spectacular'. We come from good stock and we have to blame Nana for something - so it may as well be good genes! Yep, I reckon we're all pretty spectacular from 89 yr olds down!
Anyway I hope you all have a good week - send my love to the boys. I'm off to watch a bit of the Superbowl and pretend I understand what's happening!
With love,

Millie Tinsley said...

I hate that you guys missed the Barnes and Noble event. I am still hoping to meet with you all face to face before Scott finishes my course. You are still in my prayers. I hope your week goes well.
Mrs. Tinsley