Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I don't want Thursday to come this week at all. I just want to scoop up little Scott and carry him off to a place, far far away. Away from the noise, the chaos and the doctors.
Sadly though, I am a coward, Thursday will come and we will go to clinic.
Today Scott and I watched the inauguration of President Obama. I'm not much into pomp and ceremony, and I have been called a "commie" more times than I can remember, but today was an incredible day - and hell, I'm not even American! Incredible to see the back of Bush (we did a little water boarding in his honour before breakfast - LOL) and even more so, to have a new President who might offer America and the World some common sense at last.
Before I go, a little Derry news. He come home today and told me that he had picked his electives for next year ... culinary and French!!!! I was, and still am, gobsmacked. I have been pushing for him to take French for a while now, a second language is vital and French is beautiful to speak, and my goodness, I think he was listening! As for culinary, when I asked why he has never shown an ounce of interest in the kitchen before he replied, "its because you dont cook, you just open cans". Well dang, that's me told! Culinary and French and a European passport ... wow ... that's a lot of doors I hear opening. Mind you, he did insist that he only took these electives as 'sniper training' wasnt on the list of options.

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Sandie said...

"we did a little water boarding in his honour before breakfast - LOL"

Oh hell, I knew there was something we forgot. It was an amazing moment in our short history. Made me feel right proud to be an American.

And sunshine, perhaps the French and Culinary motive has more to do with girls than doors. But just a guess. ;)

Lots of love to you all.