Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I’m beginning to feel like the little boy who cried wolf. But as long as the wolf doesn’t ever rear its ugly head again then that’s alright with me.
It’s been a nerve-wracking week. Unclassified cells in the peripheral blood can signal relapse and having 8% of cells be unrecognizable certainly gives rise to the heebie-jeebies! Not only did we have crappy blood to worry about, but Scott has been showing no interest in food these last few days and that was the first sign when he was originally diagnosed. He’s also stopped playing on his PS3 and if that’s not spooky then I don’t know what is.
Thankfully – and that’s a huge understatement – his counts today showed no sign of anything sinister. His platelets took a nose-dive, which explains the splattering of bruises he currently has, but the white cells and hemoglobin looked healthy and his anc had recovered. I was also pleased to see the lymphocytes dip. Too many lymphs can also be a red flag. And best of all, not a single, measly unclassified or atypical lymph.
Damn Im so chuffed.
So, today marks 4 and also happens to be 2 years since we first took him to the doctor as he had stopped eating. Just as we were heading out of the door to get to the appointment I noticed the nodes in his neck were swollen, I know this is generally harmless, yet I knew that in Scott’s case it wasn’t. I have never wrote about his diagnosis – its kind of freaky – yet somehow Scott knew, the cats definitely knew, and on seeing those nodes I was also getting a bad, sinking feeling, that it was cancer.
The doctor didn’t seem concerned at all and put it all down to a bug. Two days later Scott threw up and suffered a petechial hemorrhage in his face. An hour later the doctor at a walk-in clinic told me, with tears in her eyes, that she was 99% certain it was leukemia.
However, tonight we party with a big, fat Publix cake and continue with out countdown.


Carolyn, aka Lady said...

To say it has been a rough two years is an understatement. I love the four leaf clover and the hope it symbolizes!

Scott is an inspiration to us all and many people that he does not even know have come to love him dearly.

Derry - I can't wait to hear you speak French and cook us up something - how about some nice, flaky French pastries. YUM!

Love you all!

Lorna said...

glad it was a good week... peter couldn't believe how big springsteen is. been a week of vets here - but all ok - just some of the zoo are now minus a couple of bits... derry - a french chef??!!..?!bring it on. he can come visit madagascar and learn real cooking. how about fried bats with toasted cockroach relish? enjoy the cake.

christine said...

Ditto. It's strange isn't it how your children always seem to do the opposite of what you do? I cooked - you didn't - (but thats maybe my fault for not teaching you)and now Derry is going to have a go. And you do do a lot more than open tins Steph, and have taught yourself to cook as much as you want to. And just why is it that women become cooks and men become chefs???

Hope the countdown now runs smoothly to the end. Auntie Margaret now has the blogs as well and sends you her love and to say she is thinking of you all.
love to all, mum/nana

nina said...

hopeful optimism rears it's head.
it's a good sign.
still sending all the good vibes i can for your countdown to a new and healthy life.

Sandie said...

On one hand, I can't believe two years have passed; on the other, it feels like a hundred lifetimes. I can only imagine how it feels to the four of you.

I love the four leaf clover - a petal of luck for each of the four remaining treatments.

Both of my "g's" readily recognize when I'm here and as if it were as normal as saying, "good morning" say, "How's Scott doing today."

He IS an inspiration to all of us. And he is thought of and cared about by many more than he knows.

Lots of love to you all.

Laura said...

Cheering you on as you finish your last four treatments Skittles! You are AMAZING and we're all thinking of you and sending all our well wishes your way.

I can't imagine what this has been like for you Stephanie and David, and I don't think I'll ever come close to understanding but please know I think of you both often and hope for the healthiest road ahead for your whole family. You are all so strong and such wonderful people whom I have come to care deeply about. Your strength and the way you have handled everything is inspiring.
Sending Smiles, Angel Laura