Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thinking of Mathew

Little Mathew is on a ventilator in intensive care after suffering a sub-arachnoid bleed. I believe that a shunt was placed to drain blood from the brain but it clotted and had to be replaced. He is now responsive though which is a very good thing but please keep those good vibes and thoughts flowing to Mathew and his family.
The Gliddons were among the first people we met after Scotty's diagnosis and were so kind and compassionate. Such a good family. I remember hoping that some day Scott would be as well as Mathew, with his pink cheeks, a head full of shiny hair and much of his treatment under his belt. How naive of me. Leukemia is a cruel and heartless bitch and can turn on its head in just a moment. For those of us in our little 'leukemia community' what has happened to Mathew scares the living daylights out of us, it only re-inforces what we already know. No peace, no rest, no end to the 'what if it comes back?' This is not the first relapse we have seen but the fierceness of it has been heartbreaking. We lost Britney only recently and can only watch as Logan, Neffy and Devon fight this monster yet again.
I believe Mathew will turn a corner soon though and get back on the road to transplant and cure. That is the other thing I have learned, yes leukemia and all its side effects can bite you hard, but damn, these kids can sure bite back!
We love you little Mathew.


christine said...

It breaks your heart just thinking of what that family is going through - so yes Steph, I will pray for them and Matthew in particular - please tell them I'm thinking of them and hoping for the very best. I'm glad they were there for you when you needed them way back when - it seems as you say that you create your own support network. Now you just have to be there for them. Love to all of you
Mum and Nana

Laura said...

I think of you guys everyday and I will definitely add Matthew and his family to my prayers. Sending well wishes and hugs to everyone, Angel Laura

Dawn said...

Just wanted to say I have left a message for the Gliddons and, of course, I will be praying for Mathew. Seems they have so many people praying for them and those payers are being answered - it's great news that Mathew is off the ventilator and able to talk to them again.

I will check in to follow his progress whenever I can.

With love,