Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sorry for no updates in a while. Its been a rough week for Scott, the vincristine hit him hard and he has been in a lot of pain and distress. It has been quite a few months now since he had a full dose of this particular chemo and the full force of it has had us all a little taken aback. He has also just finished his pulse of steroids which brought on the extreme hunger and also bouts of weepiness and just sheer pissed-off-idness.
It has been an upsetting few days, for Scott obviously, but also for the rest of us, to see him so miserable and be unable to do anything other than to call Pizza Hut (yup he's been craving pizza again, pretty soon just the sight of pizza is going to make me hurl and I NEVER thought I'd be writing that!).
Anyway, I must go now, his lordship is calling.
PS. Tomorrow is clinic day, whoopedeedoo, so wish us well. Oh and its also the anniversary of Scotts diagnosis, the day our Earth fell from her axis.

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Lorna said...

hey steph - yeah i realised its been a whole year of this poo today. sorry to hear scott feeling sore and low again - but good that hes able to have the chemo (that sounds odd..). I also read in the uk paper today about the dormant a.l.l. gene..they say they're close to finding a cure...better bloody get a move on then!!! love to the boys, stay strong and hoping to hear better news tomorrow. xxx