Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, January 7, 2008


Yes yes yes, I know I should grow up and 'count my blessings', blah blah blah, and yes I am eternally grateful that we live in a day and age when children with leukemia have a good chance of survival. But damn I still hate what all those poisons have done to my baby, inside and out. Until we got hit with the cancer beam I was completely ignorant to the ravaging that chemo and radiation (and all the other meds) do to the body. It's not just the here and now, but the late and long term effects we have to worry about. When we gave our consent for Scott's treatment to begin there were literally pages and pages of side effects that these drugs could produce, some of which may not even be picked up until years down the road.
Scott has been through so much, he has been incredibly brave and I am so proud of him. And through it all he has never lost his spirit, his sense of compassion and his unique and very quick wit.
I guess as long as that damn chemo can eradicate the last of those leukemic cells, I know we can get through the rest.
But hell, I still miss that beautiful blonde hair of his.


christine said...

He's still beautiful no matter what colour his hair. You used to deliberately change the colour of your hair Steph and I didn't like that either but glad yours is natural again now.
lots of love

Lorna said...

thats what i wanted to say - he's still beautiful. when he's better bring him over here and the sun and sea will make him blond again.... thanks for the birthday wishes. xx

Sandie said...

Listen to your sister - she's old - which must mean she's wise. ; )

Scott is beautiful with lots or a little, blonde or not. That doesn't mean you can't miss what was - and it's just rubbish to think that means you're not counting the blessings you have.

You're strong and beautiful and the most amazing woman I know, but you are still human. You are entitled to what you feel.

Oh and... You're mum is wise, too. I'm just not stupid enough to call her old. : )

Lots of love to you all

Dawn said...

I say you should be grateful he's not grey and white like Springsteen! LOL.

He will always be beautiful, both inside and out, no matter what colour is on top of his head.