Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Say that five times real fast.

Today saw the first clinic visit of the new year. Scott's counts, as expected due to steroids, were jacked up. A whopping ANC in the 4600 range. So chemo was given. All the viral panel from last week had come back and nothing nasty was found. Another bit of blood was drawn just before Scott was deaccessed, and a nurse took it away right quick like for testing.

Turns out Scott has a condition called methemaglobinemia. You can read about it at that link. Seems the basics of the condition is an effect on red blood cells which doesn't allow them to carry oxygen, so they die. When they die, biliruben levels escalate. Also appears to be Dapsone-induced, so Scott has now been taken off Dapsone, and will start Pentamidine treatments at next weeks clinic visit. Not sure about the frequency of the treatments though. We'll ask about that on the next visit.

At least we've gotten an explanation for the elevated biliruben. This level should be back to normal range next week.

Otherwise Scott seems about "normal" for it to be a few days past the steroid pulse. He is a bit mood-swingy at times, and has trouble sleeping. At least he's not "gone a bit bitey" yet.

So that's the Scott news early in this year.


S said...

Personally, I prefer to have the answers than to let my own addled brain wander about with the possiblities. It sound as though this is good news, and I'm so happy you are all starting the year with some of that. I hope for you more good news with each passing day.

Lots of love to you all

Laura said...

Thinking of you Scott and hoping you are having one fabulous weekend! We finally dug ourselves out of all the snow surrounding our house and I mailed out a little something for you today (sorry it is coming a little later in the week than when I normally send.) The kids have been LOVING going sleding and Glory and her daddy made a snow fort that is the biggest one I have ever seen! Glory's been walking around the house singing "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" :)
Take care. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura