Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, May 21, 2007

Update on the last week

Quite a lot has went on since a week ago. Early last week, Scott was having a very bad time with sore joints. Sore jaw. Sore legs. Sore feet. It all is related to the Vincristine he gets every 3rd week, which has a delayed effect. It is hard to believe he was bouncing around playing on the Wii the weekend of his shopping spree, then pretty much just lying around for several days.

He was doing well enough to go the the school spring show on Wednesday, which was somewhat of a talent show. We didn't realize until we got there the kids dedicated the show to Scott. He had a good time watching some of his friends up on the stage. Several of his pals stopped by to speak to him a few minutes. Brandon has been making his regular visits by the house, and that really makes Scott happy. Brandon should get a big, huge thank you as well. It seems he was out washing cars and doing odd things for folks in the neighborhood last weekend - just so he could give Scott the money. What a great kid! He came by this evening to spend some time with Scott in the pool.

Then Thursday's clinic visit came. Nothing but blood work and leg shots on that visit. His bloodwork was in good shape, much better than 1 week after the nasty big yellow bags. So that is a good thing to see going forward. Also he's past the halfway mark with the leg shots. That was week 11 of 20. No reactions yet, which we are grateful for, as you hear some bad things about reactions kids have to those shots.

Then came Saturday. I was dreading Saturday. Stephanie was dreading Saturday. Scott couldn't wait until Saturday. All this because we had a skating session scheduled for Scott with Coach Cindy. I must say, I was sort of hoping Scott's feet would still be sore enough to make him delay the session a week. Not because we don't want him having fun, but just out of sheer fear of him going on the ice. So he got suited up in all his hockey gear and off we went. He gets down at the ice edge and stepped on quite cautiously........then just took off across the ice. Cindy was saying he seemed to remember everything, and did remarkably well considering he hasn't put his skates on for 4 months. Of course he hasn't much stamina and strength, but he did great and didn't crash and scare us to death. We believe it did him a great deal of good just to get out there.

It probably did us a great deal of good just to see him out there as well. So, we continue on for now. Taking things day by day. We also are thinking of little JJ and her mom Mary, who flew up to NYC this weekend for admission to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for a very critical operation to remove a tumor in her chest. Everyone is hoping for a great success for JJ.

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