Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, May 28, 2007

Through the weekend

We're through the low-count weekend with no large issues. Scott managed to stay mostly entertained at home. He did have a visit from Katherine from his school, but that was about all he could handle. Or more accurately, all we were willing to chance from an exposure angle.

We did make a trade-in visit to Gamestop. This led to a decent size credit on their gaming card, so a few new games helped entertain while he couldn't get out much. Derry is affected at these times as well. He is hesitant to go out with the neighborhood kids when Scott can't. Sometimes it is easy to not see the whole effect this has on him. He's done brilliantly with Scott through this so far. They have the normal brotherly verbal jousts from time to time, but mostly have gotten on very well.

Scott's out of the house time this weekend consisted of the gamestop trip and a ride to the movie store and to get some food today. The highlight of the ride being a ride-through car wash, which he got a bang out of. It is the small things that seem to keep his spirits up.

We've notice it seems his hair is growing, but very thinly. I don't know if it is actually coming back, or just my imagination. Maybe we can will it back asap.

Today was day 1 of the wonderful "3 days with no drugs" that only comes at the tail-end of each 3-week cycle. Scott cherishes those three days. Can't blame him for that at all. Now comes the heavy clinic week, and the beginning of the next pulse of steroids. Also the next dose of Vincristine which will ultimatley bring the several days of aches in his joints. This Thursday will begin week 19. We're now 124 days into Scott's protocal.

That seems like a long time, but we're all still in shock mode most of the time. A number of folks told us at the outset we'd find a "new normal". I don't think any of this should be normal for any of us. It affects all of us in many ways. Just have to keep pushing along and taking care of keeping on track, and do everything possible to not let it get the best of us.

Off to check Scott and see if he's asleep. He insists one of us stay awake until he's out for the night, which is hard sometimes. He has trouble getting comfortable and to sleep a lot of nights. How he knows we stayed up unti he went to sleep is beyond me, but until he does, he calls for one of us then says "see you in a few minutes". It's actually nice when I think about it. He has a sense of humor about lots of things, which is a very good thing. Scott has always been upbeat, comical and talkative. He is still that way, other than the group of days the drugs make him miserable.

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