Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, May 14, 2007

Shopping Spree completed

Well, we finally made it over to the Brandon Toys-R-Us Saturday about noon. We had decided to not worry with going prior to the store opening, although we do appreciate that generous offer by Barry, the Manager. When we got to the store, it was overrun with Star Wars characters. Seems they were having a Star Wars event from Noon-3:00. That all turned out very well, as Scott was met by Barry and given two Stormtroopers as shopping guards for his time in the store. Barry also had an additional surprise for Scott, as he had a big Toys-R-Us shopping bag with a couple of Wii games and Star Wars stuff packed in it - an additional gift to Scott from the store. So Scott was well ahead of plan before even shopping.

Scott was able to take his time, aided by his personal guards and Barry. Matthew, Sonny and Sarah also get a big thank you from us for all of their help. A great group of people working in that store. They in fact had a Wii stashed away in the back and held for Scott, and Scott instantly set off shopping for games with for the system. We were in the store for around 90 minutes, never rushed by anyone at anytime. Barry even offered the store breakroom up for Scott to have a rest if necessary, as Scott was getting a bit tired after a while. He filled his buggy and did a good job of making his $500 target, as his gift card now had 3 bucks and some change left on it.

We also want to give another BIG thank you to Mr. Wallace, the counselor at Mintz Elementary. Without Mr. Wallace, none of this would have happened. He is a very nice man, and actually has us considering placing Scott back in Mintz this fall to go through 5th grade again. It may be a better transition back into school. It would be a great comfort knowing someone like Mr. Wallace is there.

Scott's friend Brandon from school has also been by several times over the last couple of weeks. Brandon's visits have lifted Scott's spirits, and Brandon came by with a brand new Bucs cap today for Scott! Thanks a bunch to Brandon!

On top of all of that, we had another box of cookies show up on the front step! Can't ever complain about mysteriously appearing cookies. Cookies are good. Mmmm good.

We've put 23 more pictures up on the picture page. Some from the hospital, some from here and some from the visit to Toys-R-Us.

Scott actually had me take off to Border's later in the day. Seems he had some cash left on his gift card from there. He actually went and used it to buy Stephanie a Mother's Day gift - a "Little Britain" dvd season package (those across the pond will know what that is). Through all this, he's still got as big a heart as ever.

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