Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, May 25, 2007

12 down now

Clinic visit yesterday saw Scott get the 12th of 20 legs shots. He does rather well with the shots now, which is a double-edged sword. Fine that they aren't as traumatic as the beginning, but exactly why in the world should simultaneous 2-inch needles into a 10-year-old's legs NOT be grossly traumatic?

Perspective on everything blurs more as the days pass. The words "good/bad" or "positive/negative" are not as simple to define as before Scott was diagnosed. It's a struggle no one should endure. Not the child. Not the parents. Not the families.

Coming into the weekend, the boys were hoping to visit the movie theater sometime to catch one of the new summer movies. A sub-200 ANC from yesterday's blood work has cancelled such a trip. No way can Scott sit in a jammed theatre for 2+ hours just awaiting an influx of germs from someone. So it will be a quiet weekend at the house. He is supposed to have a visit from Katherine, one of his school mates today. She said she's missed Scott since he's been out of school. Hopefully they'll have a good time and cheer him up. He's had a headache for 2 days now, but no fever. Anytime a pain or sneeze or anything comes up, you just shudder with worry.

Scott saw JJ yesterday at the clinic. We discovered her journey to NYC for her operation was delayed. She's now due up late next week, with her operation being early the following week. Scott and JJ played around in the clinic most of the morning. Stephanie said both seemed in good spirits. We have some pictures, including Scott holding a 2-week-old that makes him look like a grossly-underaged new dad. Just have to get them online tonight or over the weekend.

Off for a (hopefully) nice, quiet 3-day weekend.

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christine said...

We might not send a comment every time we read your blogs but they ARE important to us - keep them coming. Good to here Scott takes the shots so well - makes you wonder what his long term feelings towards hospitals and illness will be. Also good that some of his old friends are once again in touch - his social life is so important psychologicaly. Love to all of you